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Talk Social: 8 May, 2018

Story posts set to overtake newsfeed posting on social


New research has revealed that Story sharing across social is about to overtake newsfeed posting.

Posting in the story format on Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook and Messenger has topped one billion and has grown almost 1,000 per cent in less than two years.

Whatsapp Stories now has 450million daily users, Instagram 300million, Snapchat 150million, Facebook Messenger 70million,

Joining these will be Netflix Stories for mobile movie previews, YouTube Stories and Google’s new AMP new Stories.

For brands, this will require a shift in social content planning, away from headlines, text, single images and links towards capturing moments, using overlays and generating brand awareness that continues long after the Story has moved on.

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Facebook ups its activity on Groups


Facebook groups are going to become more accessible, with a dedicated tab taking users to them.

Group usage on the social platform is rising, with 1.4billion people using it monthly. The new tab will encourage this, with a discovery section outlining groups of interest based on a user’s interests.

A new Group Party option will also allow admins to share videos to members of a group, pre-recorded or live.

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Targeted native ads on LinkedIn


LinkedIn continues to push into new areas, to rival other social networks for features and offer advertisers more value as they tap into the professionals who use it.

The latest is native ads, where businesses and brands can post videos to their pages and run targeted ad campaigns off the back of it.

Page managers can target using job titles, industries, company names and even with email addresses for existing customers.

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New ways to discover content on Instagram Explore


Instagram is changing its Explore layout, to change how users find content.

The new section will have content organised into ‘topic channels’ over the top of the screen, and based on each individual’s interests.

Related hashtags will also show up, greatly increasing their visibility to new users and having the potential to bring people to brand posts that use the right hashtags.

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Payments option being tested on Insta


Instagram is also testing out letting users make purchases within the social app, via a new payments feature.

Credit and debit card details can be stored, to let users buy direct from brand pages and e-commerce outlets.

The feature is limited for now, but influencers, e-commerce firms and big brands will all be watching to see if it is a success and expands across the entire platform.

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