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Talk Social: 8 August, 2017

New privacy laws to impact social media giants


Social media is facing its biggest ever shake up, with new privacy laws set to change the way our information is stored and used by the likes of Facebook, twitter and Snapchat.

The overhaul of data protection laws by the government is designed to give individuals more control over their personal details.

Not only will it allow people to request information to be removed – the so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ – it will also require the public to give explicit consent for their information to be collected online, rather than social media firms relying on pre-selected tick boxes. It would also become easier to find out what personal information is held about you.

The definition of ‘personal data’ under the new bill would include IP addresses and website cookies. The Data Protection Bill will be debated in Parliament in the Autumn.

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Stories format comes to news reporting


Both Google and Facebook are pressing ahead with making the social media ‘Stories’ format the future of news.

Facebook is trialling giving high profile individuals the ability to create stories, meaning news outlets can task individual reporters with creating content in this style. The network is also looking at a live format for Stories to cover breaking news.

Meanwhile, Google is preparing to launch ‘Stamp’, its own Stories format designed to work in Accelerated Mobile Pages. This will let publishers share photos and video of stories and can be hosted on the outlet’s website.

With the audience for Stories on Snapchat and Instagram rocketing, this format is now being targeted as the future of online social journalism – hence the chase from the big boys to ‘own’ the format as soon as they can.

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Why everyone wants to tell an Instagram story


Such is the popularity of the Stories format on social, that it is a surprise to learn Instagram’s Stories is celebrating its first birthday.

The format now has more than 250 million daily users, with the average time spent viewing Stories standing at half an hour per day for those under 25.

What started as a Snapchat clone is now one of Instagram’s key features with clear brand spin-offs. Instagram’s own data shows that one in five brands who posts an Instagram Story gets a reply from the public.

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Facebook to launch its own video phone

Facebook is developing a standalone video calling device for the home and office.

The hardware will feature a laptop-sized touchscreen, wide angle camera, speakers and microphones to bring participants on a call closer together.

The device is expected to be unveiled at Facebook’s developer conference next spring.

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Mentor search on LinkedIn

Business social network LinkedIn is launching a new mentorship feature.

Those seeking a business mentor can search within their network, local area and former university to find a match. Once a match is mutually agreed, the two people can message one another and develop their relationship. The programme is free to use and can be ended at any time, neither side is ‘signed up’ to a set period of mentoring.

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