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Talk Social: 7 September, 2021 – YouTube Music hits 50m subscribers

Tweet Commerce is coming soon

Twitter is working on a range of new shopping tools that will enable users to save product listings and make purchases directly from tweeted content in the app.

The latest development is the new ‘Purchases’ tab that has started to appear in user profiles and displays any subscriptions and/or digital tickets bought in the app.

Another feature in development is a ‘Shop’ module that appears under a brand’s bio and enables users to scroll through a carousel of products and tap through on a single item to learn more and purchase — all without having to leave Twitter. 

It’s clear from these tests that the foundations for tweet commerce are being set, and pretty soon, users will be able to shop immediately from a brand’s tweet, providing another way to sell and generate more exposure for their products.

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YouTube Music hits 50m subscribers

YouTube has surpassed the milestone of 50 million YouTube Music subscribers in its race against competitors Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

After a slow start since launching in 2018, YouTube’s music streaming has been recently gaining pace growing from 30m subscribers as reported in October last year. This makes Google a genuine competitor in the paid music streaming market.

YouTube Music also reported it now has more than 80 million songs available on its platform. This means the platform has a bigger catalogue of songs than Spotify and Apple Music, which have 70 and 75 million tracks, respectively.

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Facebook adds Fantasy Games feature

Fantasy Sports have experienced a recent rise in popularity and now Facebook has decided it wants a piece of the action with the launch of a new suite of free-to-play prediction games. 

The new Facebook Fantasy Games offering, which will initially be available in the US and Canada, will feature games spanning sports, TV shows and pop culture. Players will be able to compete based on the statistical performance of players in actual games or events.

The first game to launch is ‘Pick & Play Sports’, facilitated in partnership with Whistle Sports, while other games tied to reality TV shows, including The Bachelorette, are set to launch in the coming months.

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Instagram now requires all users to enter their birthdate

In an attempt to protect young people using its app, Instagram will now require users to share their birthdate in order to access the platform.

Instagram already asks new users to enter their birthday when they sign up, a requirement that’s been in place since the end of 2019. But people who previously signed up may not have shared the information. Now, Instagram will begin prompting users who haven’t previously shared a birthdate to do so in order to continue using the app.

This is the latest update designed to beef up security and privacy features for its youngest users. Others include automatically switching younger teens’ accounts to private, and preventing adult strangers from messaging teens.

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Twitter launches ‘Super Follows’

After several months of testing, Twitter is now officially launching its Super Follows option, beginning with a select group of creators who have previously applied to participate.

The creators have the option of charging Super Followers $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month. They can then set their tweets to only appear in the timelines of just those subscribers.

The feature is currently only available for iOS users in the U.S. and Canada, but will roll out globally in the next few weeks, while Android and desktop access will arrive at a later date.

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