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Talk Social: 7 March, 2017

YouTube launches pay TV service


The latest step change in the way we all consume content could have arrived in the form of YouTube TV.

Launched initially in the United States, the new subscription service has already signed up or is in talks with America’s major networks, including CBS, Fox, Disney and NBC.

The new online service will immediately be pitched against Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO NOW.  The launch comes after YouTube revealed that it is now streaming one billion hours of content every day.

Costs per month for a YouTube TV package are expected to range from $25-40.

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Insta offers more clarity on post ‘partners’


Social media influencers working with brands will be able to signpost their commercial link up more clearly with the launch of a new tag from Instagram.

The social network is adding a tab next to the location tab for influencers to add a ‘partner’ who the post comes in association with.

As Instagram has become packed with influencers they are keen to maintain transparency for users and brands.

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Will influencers get Snapped up?


It remains to be seen whether Snapchat’s recent float on the stock exchange leads to them embracing the commercial opportunities offered by influencers.

The social network with vanishing messages has kept influencers at arms’ length, probably due to fears over alienating their younger audience with over-commercialisaton.

For the past two years, Snapchat has offered official Stories verification to celebrities and public figures, but there is nothing to set influencers apart from regular users.

However, with Snapchat now having to make money for shareholders, industry watchers are keeping a close eye on whether that all changes.

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Most popular FB reactions revealed


It’s been a year since Facebook added to its like button with a whole host of reactions.

In that 12 month period, reactions have been used 300 billion times, with the heart emoji used in half of all clicks. One in five users hit the ‘angry’ button, while sad, wow and LOL all accounted for 10 per cent each.

So what? Well, Facebook now plans to prioritise the posts that make users hit a ‘reaction’ rather than just give a like, meaning posts from that person appear higher in your feed going forward.

The incentive to provoke a reaction beyond like is clearly there from FB and it’s up to brands to produce the content that fits the bill.

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New Messenger bot options from FB


Facebook has also updated its Messenger platform, giving new options to brands using it as a customer service channel.

The most striking is the ‘persistent menu’ feature, which displays all the functions available via the channel and accessed by one tap.

It’s kind of like a bot version of an old fashioned FAQ page and it is hoped this will boost the brands choosing Messenger for automated or semi automated customer service. So far, brands have been slow to adopt it, preferring the human touch to keep customers happy.

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