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Talk Social: 7 February, 2017

Spam off the menu for Google


Google has updated its algorithm once more in a fresh punishment to spammers.

The tweak has not yet been confirmed by Google, but has led many ‘black hat’ link builders to complain on forums about the effect it is having, with penalties, lack of indexing and slow link pick-up being reported.

This does not appear to have any effect on ‘white hat’ SEOs, however. As with Google’s ever-more sophisticated updates, this is all about discrediting spammy links.

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Recipe for search success


Users of the Google app can now access a new recipe search function.

With Google losing search traffic to Facebook and the social networks, as well as challenger search engines such as Bing, the search giant has had to up its game.

The search function around the highly competitive recipes term produces a carousel of options, similar to Pinterest’s ‘guided search’ function.

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Search ads on Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the social networks determined to grab search traffic from Google – which is why they have introduced search capability on adverts, tied to keywords and brand campaigns.

With Pinterest receiving 2 billion searches every month, the potential is clear to see.

To start, Pinterest is offering the search facility to a handpicked selection of big brands, with the option to increase this depending on success.

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Image recognition leap for Facebook


Facebook continues to invest large amounts into image recognition as the next step in the online experience.

Evidence of this has come from the introduction of automatic image alt-text, with every image on Facebook scanned by image recognition software, with anything recognisable being automatically tagged.

In a new research paper, Facebook has also been documenting its trials in making this process more sophisticated, with descriptors such ‘person running’, ‘person sitting’ and ‘person dancing’.

The potential for brands is clear – in the near future, brands will be able to target on Facebook via the kind of images that a user uploads. So, if a user frequently posts images of coffee and coffee cups, a local cafe could consider them a target.

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LinkedIn offers advanced targeting


LinkedIn’s latest feature is one that allows advertisers to drill down in their targeting for advertising and messaging.

LinkedIn Engagement Insights lets users and brands target by a vast array of professional data that the professional social network holds on its members.

This includes interests, opinions, industry, seniority, company size, job title and more.

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