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Talk Social: 6th July, 2021 – Facebook launches beta tests for its newsletter platform, Bulletin

Facebook launches beta tests for its newsletter platform, Bulletin

Facebook is testing its new newsletter platform, Bulletin. The site will provide a space for writers and podcasters to publish content and build a subscriber base.

The platform is built on a separate platform from Facebook, so users won’t need a Facebook account to subscribe. However, it will rely on Facebook’s infrastructure, including the use of Facebook Pay, to purchase premium subscriptions and join subscriber-only groups.   

Facebook has confirmed it won’t take a fee from writers “at launch” and content creators will retain full ownership of their work.

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Instagram says they are no longer a photo-sharing app

Adama Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has stated the platform should no longer be known as a photo-sharing app. Instead, he wants the company to be considered a broad entertainment provider driven by algorithms and videos.

Announcing the changes via his personal social accounts, Mosseri also revealed the company’s plans to show more full-screen video experiences in users’ feeds and recommend videos from accounts users do not follow.

 This more significant emphasis on immersive video content reflects growing competition from TikTok and YouTube. However, the shift away from the roots risks alienating some of Instagram’s more than 1billion users.

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Twitter explores new features to boost platform usage

Ever held back from posting a tweet because you didn’t want to share it publicly? You’re not alone and it’s something Twitter has become aware of. The platform is worried that content creators may hold back posting, which in turn would impact engagement metrics. So, in order to boost platform usage, Twitter is considering some new features that would give users greater control over who sees their tweets and who appears in their replies.

The first of these features is called Trusted Friends. This would allow users to limit the audience for a select tweet to a small circle of close friends.

Another new feature in the planning stage, which also has the intention of helping users separate their personal and professional lives, is Facets. This would allow users to take on multiple personas using one account. Followers would be able to choose which persona, or “facet”, they are interested in hearing from.

Officially, neither of these two features is in active development. However, Twitter is currently seeking to gauge users’ feedback on the ideas to see if they’re worth pursuing or not. 

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Instagram allows all users to share links in Stories

Currently, the ability to add a link to an Instagram Story is limited to verified users or those with over 10,000 followers. However, Instagram has started a new test that would widen ability.

In the test, rather than a ‘swipe up’ function, the ability to link is done through a sticker. These stickers will operate the same way a swipe-up link does, except with a tap instead of a swipe.

Currently, the test is limited to a small sample as the company learns how people may take advantage of it and whether it is abused through misinformation or spam. However, if successful, the feature will allow users to become more creative with how they present their links.

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Facebook testing new ‘threads’ option for feed posts

Facebook is testing its new feed posts option, Threads. The option will allow users to bolt on additional posts to an original, helping build context and provide updates.

The company noted they would like to shift from ‘inspiring longer posts’ and instead allow users to live commentate throughout the threads option. 

Facebook is currently testing threads to a small group of public figures with no definite plans regarding an official launch. We have seen alternative thread options on other platforms, with Twitter launching its version in 2017. 

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