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Talk Social: 6 November, 2018

Flickr to limit users to just 1,000 photos


Flickr is to limit free users of the site to just 1,000 photos from early next year.

Previously, users had a free limit of 1 terabyte of storage on the social picture platform – around 300,000 images.

However, Flickr insists this was only being used by around three per cent of the user base and they were using it as a place for free storage, rather than seeking to share photography with like-minded users.

The new rule comes into effect from February and will see Flickr delete millions of images from the platform.

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Promote allows brands to put ads into Insta Stories


Instagram is introducing a new advertising option that makes use of the Stories part of the social app.

Promote will allows business pages to show content via the Stories bar on users’ Instagram pages. Admins can to target users similar to their followers or people in a specified location and the option works like Facebook’s Boost button, where existing posts are used.

Stories is a feature that continues to grow in popularity on Insta and by making it easier for brands to be there, the Facebook-owned platform hopes to tempt some of the 2million businesses who already advertise on Instagram to take up the new option.

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WhatsApp reveals plans to monetise platform


WhatsApp’s Status feature will soon be able to carry advertising.

The feature – where images or text are available to be seen by other users before deleting after 24 hours – is now going to follow other Facebook-owned social platforms.

More than 1.5 billion users worldwide currently use the app – now they plan to start monetising that enormous audience.

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Why the quality of conversation is rising on twitter


As reported in last week’s Talk Social, twitter is considering dropping the ‘like’ button in an attempt to improve the quality of debate on the social network.

Now new stats have revealed that although many people may consider social media as a lowest common denominator at times, the increase in character count has also improved dialogue on the platform.

Sine the 280 character count was introduced, more than half (54 per cent) more tweets use the word ‘please’, while the use of ‘thank you’ is up 22 per cent.

The use of questions (that prompt replies and therefore engagement) are up 30 per cent in the past year, while use of abbreviations is down by more than a third.

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Breaking news on the rise on Facebook


Facebook is letting more publishers label stories as ‘breaking news’ after a test of the feature showed an increase in engagement.

Breaking news is Facebook’s way of attempting to get around its own algorithm, which places stories out of sequential order.

The ‘breaking news’ tab has proved successful in generating a real time level of engagement in trials in the US and Europe, so is now being rolled out further.

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