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Talk Social: 4 October, 2016

Facebook’s off to work


After a lot of buzz about its arrival, Facebook is finally going to launch Facebook At Work this month.

The new network – scheduled to go live on October 10 – will act as an intranet of sorts, allowing co-workers to message each other, assign tasks and share documents.

Unlike competitors such as Slack and Convo, Facebook plans to charge for its professional platform according to the size of the business that’s using it.

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Buy and sell in the FB Marketplace


It’s a busy time for Facebook, as they have also rolled out a competitor to eBay – Facebook Marketplace.

The step into ecommerce is a formalisation of activity that already takes place on the social network, where users buy and sell items. Facebook estimates as many as 450 million users do this every month.

Now a new marketplace icon will appear in users’ mobile versions of Facebook in the coming days, with Facebook’s algorithm showing items they believe each user will be most interested in.

Facebook doesn’t plan to charge a fee for transactions and its move into this space is sure to be a concern for many smaller ecommerce retailers.

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Messenger’s Snapchat copycat


Staying with Facebook, it is using its Messenger app to try and engage with users in countries with new Snapchat-style features.

Anyone who has used Snapchat will be familiar with the notion of disappearing posts – now Facebook is offering ‘Messenger Day’ in some places, a feature that lets users share filter-boosted images that only last 24 hours.

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LinkedIn eyes instant fix


Social networks seem to enjoy pinching features from one another. LinkedIn is planning to introduce its version of ‘instant articles’, quick loading stories that keep the user on the platform, rather than bouncing them off to another location.

LinkedIn has decided to take this action after revealing that traffic to external publishers has jumped by 150 per cent.

Now the professionals’ social network is in discussion with a tier of publishers to set up a direct publishing option, which will see stories published within LinkedIn.

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Multi-device retargeting now on Google


Google is going to let advertisers retarget users across multiple devices.

Previously unsupported, Google now says the same person can be served an ad across mobile, desktop and apps.

A user would need to be signed in across all these devices for the retargeting to work, although with Google having one billion registered users, that does mean a large potential pot of targets.

Studies in the US have revealed that 60 per cent of conversions begin on one device and end on another, meaning the ability to retarget across devices is more important than ever.

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