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Talk Social: 4 December, 2018

Facebook adds keyword blocking


Facebook is testing a function that will let users block certain keywords from appearing in their news feeds.

The function works in the same way as comment filtering, where users can choose to block users from leaving comments.

It is designed to help to provide an extra level of reassurance to brands or individuals who are having trouble with trolls or harassment on their social feeds.

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Close friends only option for Insta posts


Also letting users limit the reach of their posts is Instagram, as the social network has added an option to allow posts to be shared with close friends only.

Creating small, closed groups of friends is seen as a way of encouraging people to share content more often.

Close friends can be added manually and a green ring appears around the profile image of a user who is in that group for easy identification.

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Pinterest learning more about its users


Pinterest’s Pixie recommendation tool has changed, allowing it to learn more about users in order to provide more tailored suggestions.

Pixie recommends relevant content to users and since its introduction has increased engagement more than thirtyfold.

Now the algorithm behind it has become more sophisticated, as a Pinterest spokesperson explans: “Imagine you save a Pin of a delicious Healthy Chocolate Strawberry Shake to one of your boards. Using visual signals, Pixie then suggests ten other smoothie or shake Pins all based on Chocolate Strawberry Shake, but it may not know yet exactly what other kinds of shakes you want. As the query gets more complicated, Pixie will know that you also save Pins featuring Healthy Chocolate Muffins and Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Pixie then narrows down the content to Pins related to chocolate, cookie, dessert shakes, all with a focus on healthy ingredients.”

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Koo, it’s a new podcast social network


Koo is a new social network, aimed at allowing individuals to record short podcasts that they share with their communities.

Users record up to one minute of audio, add sound stickers like a drum roll or a poop sound, and share the ‘Koo’ in a feed with their friends and followers.

The social network is initially aimed at teenagers, who are currently engaging most with visual forms of social media.

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Amazon scaling up cashless stores


Amazon’s success at opening small cashless convenience stores has seen it progress the framework to look at larger stores.

The stores, which use cameras and software to detect what items are being picked off the shelf and charges them automatically to the user’s Amazon account, so far exist in three US cities, however they are all of the corner shop variety.

Amazon plans to open 3,000 cashless stores by 2021, with larger, high ceilinged outlets among the proposed openings, once the technology is proven to work.

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