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Talk Social: 4 April, 2017

What’s the story?


Facebook continue to expand its offer inspired by core features from their competitors.

This week saw the expansion of Facebook stories (inspired by social rival Instagram), designed to encourage live sharing via video content. The new feature allows users to “share multiple photos and videos as part of a visual collection” at the top of the news feed.

Facebook has also replicated Snapchat functionality by introducing a new in-app camera for iOS and Android, allowing users to interact with frames, masks and filters.  

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The Amazon effect


This week Amazon revealed it has been trialling the ‘Amazon Influencer Program’.

Similar to the Amazon Affiliate program, the program will offer commission on products sold, but is not open to the public. Prospective Amazon Influencers must submit an application and will be judged on a number of metrics, including follower numbers, fan engagement, content quality and relevance scores.

However, in an age where ‘independent reviews’ are king – how will this impact Amazon’s image of impartiality?

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Who’s kidding who?!


This year brands increasingly went social on 1 April, putting budget behind creating April fool ideas with sharable appeal. From students travelling to lectures in Leeds on Zip Wires (7k views), to scratch and sniff labels on Red Tractor products at Aldi (154k views) to Iceland Frozen Flowers (15k views).

April Fools allow brands to show off their personalities and the very best have just enough truth within in them to make them almost believable. The trick –  remember who you’re trying to kid or the joke will be on you(!)

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Facebook takes on fundraising


Keen to take a share in the growing online fundraising model, Facebook is trialling a rival to justgiving.com with their own donation mechanic. The cost of the payment processing will be one per cent less than their US rival GoFundMe which covers processing fees, fundraiser vetting, security and fraud protection and non profits will pay a different fee structure.

Fundraising is big business and the social media giant is trialling two feeds for users – one showing content they signed up for, and another filled with ‘popular’ content from across the channel.

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Whatsapp me the money!


Whatsapp have reportedly started trialling person-to-person payments in India, following the demonetisation issues the country has faced in recent times.

Negotiations are seemingly underway between the company and the government to support a new payment system by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which will make payments as easy as texting your friend. One to watch…

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