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Talk Social: 3rd March 2014

“Ok Google” what’s new?

Last week saw the beta release of the latest Google Chrome browser update, which included the introduction of voice-activated internet searching.

Unlike Chrome’s current voice search facility, which requires the feature to be enabled by clicking on a microphone logo situated alongside the search bar, the latest update allows users to browse completely hands-free simply by prefixing “Ok Google” to their desired search term.

The update is currently available across Mac, Windows and Linux – other languages coming soon.

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It’s been a busy week for Google…

Anyone who publishes web content is at risk of their work being duplicated unlawfully and often – adding insult to injury – outranking their original source, which is where Google come in.

In addition to running their own policing services they have now introduced the Scraper Form…

The online form asks the legitimate site owner (or a passing web samaritan) to enter the following information: the URL from which the content was taken from, the URL of the scraper site and the Google search result URL that demonstrates the problem. Once the user has agreed to Google’s Webmaster Guideline, the search giant will follow up on the enquiry and rectify as appropriate.

Check out an example of scraping, courtesy of Google themselves here.


Tweet from your cinema seat

Twitter/Vine have finally signed the deal that will soon see the popular social media platforms playing an active part in film trailers.

Opening the door to a whole new world of social promotion, American based in-theatre ad firm National CineMedia will be encouraging audiences to use their smart phones and tablets to get involved with interactive, one minute shows on a weekly basis. The content of the one minute features will be based on trending film and entertainment stories, with Samsung, Microsoft, Best Buy and Taco Bell amongst the big named brands potentially taking part in the ad-based shows.

By submitting creative hashtags and vines, views have the opportunity to get their suggested content featured on the same screen (and 20,999 other) the following week.

And like many other social media trends, once trailor tweeting takes off in the states this summer it’s bound to be landing in UK cinema soon.

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A new branch to Apple tree

This week will see the of launch of Apple’s latest embedded software system, but not in one of their traditional little devices – in a Ferrari of course.

The revolutionary in-car technology, also being rolled out into Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, will be the first piece of software released by the company in conjunction with another brand and will allow drivers to use the in-built iOS screen to: access Apple Maps as a navigation system, listen to music, watch films, make calls and communicate with Siri.

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And the award for the best use of social media 2014 goes to…

Last night saw some of the world’s most acclaimed actors and creatives gather for the 86th annual Oscar award ceremony – and the most popular ‘selfie’ of all time!

The impressive group shot, featuring Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey (to name a few) was posted by Oscar’s host Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen’s Oscar selfie exceeded 1 million retweets within the first hour of posting, surpassing Barack Obama’s infamous ‘four more years’ tweet within 35 minutes of being posted and stood at an incredible 2,070,132 by the end of the awards ceremony.

The tweet represents the huge importance of visual content. Matched with the power of celebrity, it provides a masterclass in content that engages today’s twitter audience.

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