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Talk Social: 30 April, 2019

So the story goes – Facebook Stories reached 500 million daily users

Users of Facebook Stories have now reached more than 500million PER DAY. The figures show one third of Facebook users are now posting or watching Stories every day – taking over Snapchat and catching up with WhatsApp and Instagram.

Snapchat Stories have just 190million total daily users so the unexpected rise in popularity of Facebook Stories is impressive.

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Game on – Snapchat launch Bitmoji games

After announcing its new upcoming games platform earlier this month, Snapchat has now revealed a new capacity for users to add their own Bitmoji as playable characters on certain games.

Bitmoji characters, which users can design as their avatar for use on Snapchat, will be able available as playable characters within Snap games as well as PC, console and on their mobile devices.

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Stick it to me – Multiple choice stickers come to Instagram

Instagram has added a new quiz sticker of multiple choice questions through Stories.

This feature, which is currently available in the sticker tray, works in a similar way to poll stickers but with more than two options.

Instagram posted the news on its Twitter feed telling followers: “You can use the new quiz sticker in Stories to ask your friends and followers a multiple-choice question. See how well your friends know you.”

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A turn of events – Reddit releases new event and collection features

Reddit has rolled out events and collections to its platform, following a beta test that started last September.

Like Facebook Events, Reddit will detail the time and date of an upcoming event as well as offering a reminder for when it is about to start.  

Collections make it simple for users to put related content in one place so they can quickly navigate between other posts in the collection. Plus users can also follow the collection in order to get notifications when new posts are added.

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The end of a cold Snap? Snapchat report new audience growth

After a period a decline Snapchat announced it has started getting users back – with more than 190million new daily active users.

A significant proportion of new followers – up from 186million in the last quarter – have come from outside the USA and Europe with two million new users coming from other territories.

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