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Talk Social: 3 September, 2019

Huel big spender – Facebook’s biggest UK advertiser this year is nutrition start-up Huel

(source: Pathmatics)

A study, surveying brands spending on Facebook, has revealed the top spender over the past 12 months was nutrition start-up Huel.

This was followed by Microsoft, Tesco, and Nestle. Proctor & Gamble, Vodafone, Sainsbury’s, Priceline Group, Unilever, and Amazon rounded out the top ten.

In the first six months of 2019, Huel reportedly spent $22m (£17.9m) on more than 400 unique creative executions on the social platform. These ads generated 2.5 billion impressions and were targeted at men, users of phones with Google’s Android operating system and people from London.

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Video star – Twitter posts with videos receive ten times the engagement

Twitter has revealed that adding a video to a tweet on average will increase its engagement ten times.

In an article, published on Twitter’s Business Blog, the author explains this doesn’t necessarily mean brands need a huge production budget. Instead, capturing footage on a smartphone or creating basic GIFs will all likely boost engagement on the platform.

This is a valuable insight for brands whose Twitter presence is an important part of their digital strategy.

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Fresh threads – Facebook developing a new messaging service called Threads

Facebook is reportedly developing a new messaging service designed to help users quickly share information with their closest friends.

The app, called Threads, will allow users to automatically share specific details such as location, speed and battery with users on their Instagram “close friends” list.

There is no information from Facebook at this point about when Threads is expected to launch.

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No reaction – Facebook may be hiding total reaction count on posts

Amid Instagram testing hiding like counts in seven countries, Facebook is now considering the same feature within its main app.

This was uncovered by developers looking at the latest version of Facebook’s code. The new display shows that a post has received reactions but does not display the total number. This is identical to Instagram’s current test hiding the total like count.

When questioned about this, Facebook did confirm that it considering hiding total page reaction counts but offered no further information. Brands, meanwhile, will need to adopt a wait and see approach as to how this impacts their measurement of social activity.

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LinkedIn-sight – LinkedIn has introduced a new hub for actionable insights

LinkedIn released a new page dedicated to insights and research, which is designed to help advertisers make informed decisions about their social media strategies.

The insights are split into sections for people and industry. Marketers can filter the information here to gain valuable insights into their specific area of interest.

The hub also includes general guides to help brands fully understand the capabilities of LinkedIn advertising and offer guidance on creating campaign and reporting.

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