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Talk Social: 3 October, 2017

Snapchat introduces first augmented reality adverts


Snapchat has pulled off a digital first by launching sponsored 3D lenses that allow brands to create augmented reality adverts within the social platform.

Snapchat has a history of using AR to great effect, starting with its famous face filters and progressing to experiences that allow users to mix graphics and their real surroundings.

There’s clearly an appetite for inside the camera AR. The Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog has been viewed more than 2billion times while the puppy dog lens has received more than 7,000 years worth of total play time.

Snapchat, which has 173 million daily users, stresses that the lens isn’t just a toy but a way to ‘drive consideration and purchase intent’.

The launch partners for the new ads included Warner Bros’ Blade Runner movie and beer brand Bud Light.

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Domino’s now taking orders via Alexa


Customers can now order takeaway pizzas simply by talking to a voice-controlled device.

People who use pizza chain Domino’s one click Easy Orders option can ask Amazon’s Alexa instead, with one in five UK pizza lovers having done so in the past two months.

To access the feature, users must set up an Easy Orders account, which allows them to save their preferred pizza choice and submit it through various platforms, including Domino’s app and website, Google Home and Facebook Messenger.

Voice activation could play a vital role in Domino’s bid to create an Amazon-style shopping model, providing an alternative sales channel to desktop and mobile.

By investing in early adoption, Domino clearly has high hopes that a wider audience will embrace voice technology in growing numbers.

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Pinterest Taste Graph dramatically increases targeting opportunities


Pinterest is putting its expansive dataset, the world’s largest collection of ‘human-curated’ links, to good use by launching its Taste Graph for improved ad targeting.

The graph will provide options so that businesses can make sure the right audience sees their adverts on the social platform, by increasing targeting categories from around 400 to in excess of 5,000.

The process will run like Facebook’s ad targeting and the new categories will be available via a drop down menu in Pinterest Ads Manager. Pinterest is also looking to develop a search bar that will assist advertisers in finding relevant interests to target.

With Pinterest typically attracting more commercially-focused users, marketing teams will be able to hone in on specific products, reaching customers at the right time.

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New ad blocker promises to remove Facebook advertising


Adblock Plus has devised a new filter to block social media adverts. While this type of tool is effective in putting a stop to fraudulent ads, some believe that it could impact businesses that rely on this revenue source.

The solution isn’t an easy one, other than straight up negotiation between the ad-block provider and the business in question to try and come to an agreement.

The battle taking place between Adblock Plus and Facebook specifically is seemingly never-ending, with the latter changing tactic whenever a new filter is introduced so that the ad in question reappears.

The latest blocker scans social posts, picks out telltale signs of an advert and eliminates them. However, Adblocker believes that while they’ve outfoxed Facebook for now, the social media giant will figure out and implement a loophole in the not too distant future.

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Facebook and twitter ramp up broadcasting roles


Facebook and twitter both continued their efforts to push TV-like content across social this week. Facebook announced a deal with American football’s NFL that gives them the rights to broadcast official video content, game recaps and highlights.

This presents access to a vast new audience, Facebook’s NFL page alone having 16million followers. The content will allow Facebook to show off its new ‘Watch’ video platform, which aligns with rapidly increasing ‘on-the-go’ video consumption.

Not one to be left behind, twitter has confirmed it will produce 16 live shows, having received the required ad funding. The knock on effect this will have will be to afford businesses increased access to TV-style advertising. By targeting ads to niche audiences online, advertisers will be able to ensure they attract exactly the right customers, while generating responses, engagement and share of voice.

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