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Talk Social: 3 March, 2020

Facebook now lets you create 3D photos without portrait mode

Facebook users can now create 3D effect photos with almost any recent smartphone model.

The feature, available with the app’s most recent update, allows users the ability to post more interactive images which move as you tilt your phone, giving the impression of depth.

Facebook’s 3D snaps have existed since 2018, but was until now only available for users who have phones with multiple cameras such as the iPhone X. 

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Twitter opens its ‘Hide Replies’ feature to developers

Last November, Twitter rolled out its Hide Replies feature to all users.

Twitter, has now made the functionality open to its developer community, allowing the creation of tools that could help people manage the replies to the tweets faster and more efficiently.

A tool that automatically hides replies including certain keywords, could be very useful for brands on the platform who receive too many replies to efficiently manage.

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Users would give Facebook all their data for £6.59 a month

A study from US thinktank the Technology Policy Institute has done the first study into quantifying the value of online privacy and data.

Looking at the value people place on their data across six countries, the study found across the board people place the highest worth on financial information, such as bank balance and biometric data such as fingerprints.

However, the highest value users from any nationality were the Germans, who valued the cost of their data at around just £6.59 per month, while US user would only expect £2.74.

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Facebook bans ads capitalizing on coronavirus fears

With concerns around the spread of coronavirus rising by the day, Facebook is now taking action against advertisers seeking to capitalize on concerns.

The tech giant has announced a ban of all ads on its platform which mention coronavirus in relation to cures or prevention, or those which attempt to “create a sense of urgency” about the outbreak for commercial gain.

Facebook has recently announced it is boosting its fact-checking efforts and removing all false and misleading content as concerns around the outbreak increase.

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Yolo app raises £6.2M in funding to let you snap anonymously

Anonymous Snapchat app Yolo continues to rocket in popularity among teens.

The app has now raised an additional £6.2M in funding that will be invested in new features for anonymous group chats and safeguarding the app from predators.

Yolo is the first big hit to come from Snapchat’s Snap Kit platform that lets developers piggyback on its logins, Bitmoji avatars, stickers and Stories. The app allows users to answer questions posted to Snapchat stories anonymously. Understandably, the platform has raised many concerns around cyberbullying and child safety.

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