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Talk Social: 3 July, 2018

Shhh… Facebook to crack down on spoilers

The days of scrolling through your Facebook feed to find Jon Snow is dead or that your favourite Love Island contestant has been up to some naughty business could be a thing of the past.

Facebook is set to introduce a new feature which will allow users to mute certain words for 30 days ensuring they don’t see posts mentioning those terms.

The new feature will be called the keyword snooze allowing users to simply click the three dots drop-down menu in the top right of a post, and Facebook will extract keywords (nouns) which you can mute from the post text.

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It’s all change at YouTube

At VidCon YouTube announced the next big steps for ‘creator monetization’ along with several new updates coming to a screen near you soon.

YouTube will roll out channel memberships, merchandising and new marketing partnership opportunities between creators and brands through a new platform called ‘FameBit’.

YouTube is also launching premieres which will allow creators to tease pre-recorded content as a live moment.

Once a creator chooses to release a premiere the social media platform will automatically create a landing page where users can take part in a live chat building hype and anticipation for new content.

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Instagram introduces video chat, expands ‘Explore’ and adds music to stories

Instagram rolled out video chat this week within Instagram Direct allowing users to video chat with up to four people at a time.

Users can video chat with anyone they have already DM’d and the video will expand as more friends join.

The changes at Instagram don’t stop there as the ‘Explore’ tab now allows users to browse through posts they want to see and accounts they want to follow.

A ‘For You’ channel has been introduced giving users a personalised selection of accounts and content Instagram thinks you will like.

Alongside this channel, there are now channels for specific topics such as Art, Sports, Beauty or Fashion as well as the usual list of hashtags you follow.

And last but not least, Instagram is set to introduce music to stories. Users can now select a song from their music library before capturing a video for their instagram story.

Music selection can be found by tapping the Music icon, found among the stickers, GIFs, and hashtags within Instagram.

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LinkedIn makes it easier to connect and translate

LinkedIn has added native QR codes to personal profiles making it easier for users to connect after meeting someone in person.

The QR code can be accessed by going to the home tab and clicking the QR code in the search box. It is now available on LinkedIn IOS and Android globally.

LinkedIn posts that are posted in a different language to your own will soon be able to be translated.

The ‘See Translation’ feature will be available in 60 different languages to a majority of global members using desktop and mobile. The change is said to happen ‘in the next few weeks’.

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Seeing through Snapchat tinted glasses

Any videos or images shot through Snap Inc.’s spectacle can now be shared outside of snapchat in different formats.

The specs are able to generate square-shaped and widescreen photos and videos and black and white background options for circular images.

You’ll be able to access these new options even if you have the first version of the eyewear instead of the newer one but the update is rolling out slowly to Android and IOS users so it may be awhile before you get to try it out.

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