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Talk Social: 3 February, 2015

Clubcard company eyes next leap forward


Dunnhumby, the company that revolutionised shopping with the Tesco Clubcard, has this week sunk big money into what it believes will be the next big thing in retail.

Pulsate, a platform that delivers content for brands based on a user’s location and preferences, has received $1.2million from Dunnhumby and PayPal to expand its service.

So what is Pulsate? It harvests info on the way users behave inside mobile apps, collects social data, geofences and Beacon data to deliver relevant content for brands.

So all of a mobile user’s behavioural data, interests, past purchases and movements will be analysed to serve up what the company calls ‘end-to-end context marketing’.

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FB is watching – EVERYTHING


Have you used Facebook this month yet? If so, you’re being tracked like never before. The social network has rolled out a privacy update that allows it to gather data about any websites or apps you use outside Facebook and use it to deliver more targeted advertising.

What this means in reality is that while you remain automatically logged on to FB – on your phone for instance – it will be hard at work collecting information on what you’re up to, the sites you’re visiting and what you do there.

The ‘targeted’ ads that result from this analysis of your behaviour can also be served up anytime, anywhere – not just on Facebook, but on any webpage or app that takes advertising.

Scarily, there is no opt-out from this, short of logging out, deleting or deactivating your FB account.

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Messaging app takes food orders


The future of messaging apps could be in grocery ordering and delivery, if a new experiment in Asia proves successful.

Line – as big in South East Asia as WhatsApp with 92 million users in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan – is beginning to offer a ‘daily deals’ model of food and drink offers to its users. It will start as three daily deals and two discounted offers per week, with the long-term plan to build a complete channel for food.

If this first step into ‘in-app’ convenience shopping for FMCG is a success, look for it being trialled in Europe before long by adventurous grocery brands.

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Big bloggers targeted by Tumblr


Blogging platform Tumblr has introduced a new look in a bid to attract serious and ‘long read’ writers to join.

While the service is incredibly popular, with 220million blogs, many are full of short captions, photos or GIFs. The addition of a new text editor among a rollout of new features is aimed at getting writers on board with more to say.

This is in direct response to the numbers joining Medium, which has established itself as a home for long-form blogging since its launch in 2012.

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Take tatt!


Not all advancements in tech need to be deadly serious. Some are just downright fun. Take Picattoo, for instance – a new service that takes your favourite Instagram pictures and turns them into a series of temporary tattoos.

Now you can wear your favourite selfies or images of that meal you had a week last Friday. And who wouldn’t?

The service allows you to choose your own photos or any of those taken by your followers and delivers you a pack of transfers that last up to seven days.

The possibilities for brands are limitless – restaurants can get waiting staff to wear that day’s specials, team bonding days can now be taken to another level and promotional events can also benefit from this new visual boost. Or you can just have fun with it by wearing a picture of your dog on your arm.

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