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Talk Social: 3 December, 2019

Twitter backtracks on plans to purge inactive accounts

Twitter has backed off its plan to delete inactive accounts after a backlash from people pointing out that it would remove most deceased people’s tweet archives.

The move to deactivate all accounts which had not been signed into for 6 months was intended to free up new potential user names. However, the plans were met with an immediate backlash from bereaved families.

Unlike Facebook, where family members can request an account be changed to a memorial page, the timelines of Twitter accounts are left unchanged when the user dies.

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Digital drives growth in UK advertising

An industry report has predicted that digital businesses such as Google and Facebook will account for almost three-quarters of all advertising in Britain by 2024.

According to GroupM, digital ad placement will drive UK advertising growth this year to 7.8 per cent to £22 billion, with further growth of 6.7 per cent next year to £24 billion. 

Meanwhile, traditional TV advertising is forecast to drop -2.3% this year but rebound to flat in 2020.

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‘Pinterest Shop’ to supports small businesses

Ahead of last weekend’s Small Business Saturday, Pinterest added a new section to ‘The Pinterest Shop,’ with a section full of product pins from small businesses.

The section is currently home to a few hundred product pins from 17 US-based small businesses.

Pinterest already hosts millions of product pins on its site, however, the majority are from larger brands. This dedicated shop for smaller brands intends to provide greater visibility for smaller companies on the platform.

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Facebook takes down Conservative party election advert

Facebook has taken down a Conservative Party election advert which used edited BBC news footage about Brexit. 

The advert – which was seen at least 350,000 times – was deleted following a complaint from the BBC that it had breached its policies on intellectual property rights and could potentially damage the broadcasters perception of impartiality.

Originally the Conservative Party refused a request to pull the adverts claiming the footage had not been edited “in a manner that misleads or changes the reporting”, leading Facebook to intervene. 

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Twitter publishes its 2020 marketing calendar

Twitter has released a new calendar of major events in 2020, which highlights all the key dates of note.

The calendar is designed to remind businesses of upcoming dates they should be aware of and can tap into to boost engagement. 

Some key events to look out for next month include The Golden Globe Awards and the Winter Youth Olympics.

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