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Talk Social – 3 August, 2021 – Twitter tests shopping section for brands and YouTube unveil new livestream features

Twitter tests shopping section for brands

Following other social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, Twitter is testing a new feature that will help brands sell their products directly from the platform.

The Shop Module will create a designated space for businesses to exhibit products to consumers, accessible through Twitter business profiles. Users will be able to browse a carousel of products then click to learn more about the product or buy seamlessly. 

Still in the early stages of testing, the service is being piloted around a dozen brands in the US. Currently, only US English speaking IOS Twitter users can access the service. But it is sure to roll out further if successful.

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YouTube ups its livestream game

As TikTok continues to refine its livestreaming options, YouTube is giving greater focus to its capabilities here, with two new additions to help give live broadcasts from the app a boost.

The first is its Premier Trailers option, which will enable creators to add a short preview clip to the stream event page. This provides creators a way to entice viewers to their broadcasts, with a quick showcase of what they’ll get from the stream.

The second is Live Chat Polls. This will allow creators the ability to create a poll with up to four options to choose from, to instantly gather feedback from their audience.

Livestreaming continues to be a key focus for both YouTube and TikTok. We can be sure to expect more updates like this in the near future as they race to provide the best services and attract the biggest creators.

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Clubhouse sees significant increase in usage

A few months ago, the future seemed uncertain for Clubhouse – Facebook and Twitter had both brought out their own versions of voice chatrooms and the company had had to rush the release of its Android version. However, things are looking positive for the social audio app with it reporting a big increase in active rooms and downloads.

In their latest update, Clubhouse announced that it’s now facilitating 600,000 rooms per day in the app, up from 300,000 back in May. Additionally, the app has added 10 million users since mid-May, a significant jump on the two million in total that it reported back in January.

A lot of this growth can be attributed to the release of its Android version which allowed it to gain momentum in India. For brands considering Clubhouse in their digital marketing strategies, it is worth taking a closer look at usage data to see if their target audience is there.

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Facebook reports its fastest growth in five years, but warned this will soon slow down

Facebook saw its fastest growth this quarter since 2016, the company revealed in its earnings report last week. Its overall revenue hit £20bn, and its profits doubled from a year earlier to £7.5bn thanks to a boom in online advertising. However, it warned of a potential slowdown in the second half of the year.

As well as the lifting of lockdown restrictions around the world, the company also pointed towards a number of other challenges it would face in the coming months, such as new privacy controls that Apple introduced in April.

Despite these concerns about profitability, Mark Zuckerberg has been looking to the future with his plans to transform Facebook from a social media platform to a ‘Metaverse’  where people can communicate, work and game in a virtual environment through advances in virtual reality technology.

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Instagram expands Reels to 60 seconds

With TikTok and YouTube Shorts recently announcing users can upload longer clips up to three minutes and 60 seconds respectively, it is no surprise that Instagram has answered back. The company has announced they will be extending the Reels length limit from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for all users.

Instagram has been experimenting with longer Reels for a while, increasing upload limits from 15 to 30 seconds last September. The company believes the increase will provide users with more space to become creative through their Reels.

Following competitors, TikTok and Youtube will allow for more cross-posting, ultimately providing more content for Reels, although the user experience may become repetitive. 

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