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Talk Social: 3 April, 2018

Pinterest goes algorithm free


Pinterest continues to do things differently from its social media rivals, with the introduction of a new algorithm-free feed.

The ‘following’ tab will show the latest pins from people and boards that a user follows, presented in chronological order.

The platform’s main feed is still algorithm-led, with recommended pins showing from users that Pinterest bases on previous behaviour on the social network.

However, by showing pins in the order they were saved, it is hoped that more content from influential pinners will become visible to more users.

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Twitter users open to brand messages


Twitter has released new data on how British people are using the social network on mobile devices.

Almost half of users (44 per cent) are on twitter while watching TV and 60 per cent admit they like to share their views, likes and opinions with others.

Three quarters of users follow at least one brand and more than one in four (28 per cent) believe it is a good place to find out about deals and offers.

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Instagram removes third party apps


Instagram has removed or reduced access for many of the third party apps that pull data from the social platform to give brands and individuals updates on their followers, analysis of followers and help to find relevant hashtags.

The sudden move is thought to be linked to parent company Facebook’s ongoing troubles over data and privacy.

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Shorter ads with greater reach on YouTube


YouTube is launching a new advertising scheme that promises to improve reach of ads on the platform.

The new ‘TrueView for reach’ scheme will see advertisers only pay for certain ads if the video is watched for more than 30 seconds, if it is viewed to the end or if consumers take an action such as clicking to purchase.

The move comes two years after YouTube launched its six second bumper ad format, which forced advertisers to shorten their clips. This new format is promising more of a TV buying experience to brands, with the reach of YouTube making the format more attractive.

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Charity donations via Alexa


Alexa has added a new skill, letting users donate to charity using their voice only.

Linked to Amazon Pay, the device asks for a four digit passcode before authorising the payment.

Already, more than 40 American charities have signed up for the initial development, with many more worldwide expected to follow if it proves successful.

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