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Talk Social: 2nd June – TikTok launches first radio station

TikTok to launch a first radio station

TikTok is set to launch a 24-hour music radio station in a partnership with streaming service SiriusXM.

‘TikTok Radio’ will feature the latest musical trends in pop culture emerging from the social media platform and include segments hosted by popular TikTok creators, tastemakers and DJs.

Tik Tok is already a big source of music discovery for its young user base. This will further help to solidify the relationship between music fans and TikTok.

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Instagram expanding their tests of Reels Ads to the UK

After testing out Instagram Reels Ads in a few regions last month, Instagram is now looking to expand the feature to Canada, France, the US and the UK.

This shows Instagram’s efforts to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for Reels, where ad income can support creators getting paid for their work and there is more value in developing the feature further.

Whether the Reels Ads feature will gain enough momentum to slow down TikTok will be interesting to keep an eye on in the near future.

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Snapchat shares new figures on the relationship between AR and product discovery

Snapchat have shared their findings in a recent report based on the Evolving Use of AR which questioned over 1000 people, aged 13-49.

The study found the usage of AR use is thriving with more than half of those who have previously used AR were actively looking for more AR experiences. Two-thirds of respondents answered that they were more likely to purchase a product after a Branded AR experience.

Alongside the recent announcement of Snapchat’s own AR-enabled Spectacles, it is becoming increasingly clear the company believes AR is more than a novelty.

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TikTok provides tips for SMBs in new series

TikTok has launched a new, two-part series to help creators and brands maximise their content. The series is especially geared towards brands who are attempting to build a following through their TikTok clips.

Alongside the mini video-series, TikTok has created simplistic bullet points from the key points, allowing for the utilisation of tricks throughout the recording process. 

The video and notes provide insight into how brands can incorporate the social media phenomenon of TikTok successfully into their marketing strategy.  

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Twitter previews Ticketed Spaces says it’ll take 20 per cent of sales

Shortly after the launch of Spaces – Twitter’s answer to Clubhouse – the platform has announced an option for users to host a paid audio room and monetise their audience.

Currently, only US users have the ability to host a Ticketed Space but anyone from around the world can purchase a ticket.

This update follows several other announcements from Twitter that show they have shifted their focus towards monetisation, including Twitter Blue, Super Follows and Newsletter Subscriptions.

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