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Talk Social: 29th June, 2021 – Facebook launch podcast platform

Facebook launch podcast platform

Alongside the launch of its Clubhouse competitor, Live Rooms, Facebook has entered the podcast realm, launching its own podcast distribution platform within the main app.

A group of popular podcasters will help launch the platform, including ‘Joe Budden of The Joe Budden Podcast’, ‘Jess Hilarious of Carefully Reckless’ and ‘Nicaila Matthews Okome of the Side Hustle Pro’. 

Podcasts are proving to be a lucrative market at the moment. Elsewhere, podcast distributor Audioboom has hiked up its revenue forecasts after cashing in on strong advertising sales across its platform.

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Twitter adds 15-second view objective to maximise video ad campaigns

Twitter has launched a new objective to maximize a video advert’s potential – 15-second video views. The model will prioritise engaged, long-form views on video ad content.

The new tool will utilise Twitter’s algorithm to target users with the highest likelihood of watching video content, based on preferences and behavioural actions within the app. Twitter has also added new reporting metrics within Twitter Ads Manager, including ‘cost per 15s video view’ which will calculate the total spend divided by the number of views that reach a minimum of 15-seconds.

The new 15-second view optimisation will become the default bid for all campaigns within the Video Views objectives. 

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Instagram trials new content recommendations within main feed

Instagram has begun testing suggested posts and topics appearing within the user’s main feed – following on from a previous update which added suggested posts to the end of a user’s feed. 

Mid-feed suggested posts could benefit businesses on the platform – allowing them to extend their reach to potential customers based on their interests.

However, this is still just a test for now. If the company receives backlash from their users they will likely abandon the trial. 

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Facebook publishes new report on the evolution of ecommerce

Facebook has published a new report on how the habits of consumers have changed due to the pandemic and the key trends that are altering how people find and purchase products.

It notes there has been a sharp increase in people relying on their phones for product discovery and purchase. 81 per cent of consumers surveyed agreed that they have changed their shopping habits since the start of the pandemic and 92 per cent of those intend to continue these practices as the world returns to normal. 

The full report includes a range of other topics including concerns about data privacy, the rise of the creator economy and much more. 

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Pinterest launches new initiative highlighting SMBs 

Within the past year, Pinterest has witnessed a 50 per cent increase in searches regarding “how to support small businesses”, sparking a partnership with American Express to create ‘The Comeback Edit’ initiative.

As part of the initiative, around 20 SMBs will be highlighted in the Pinterest Shop throughout the summer.

With a growing community of people wanting to help smaller struggling businesses, Pinterest could become the perfect space for businesses to navigate the pandemic.

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