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Talk Social: 29 September, 2015

Insight advertising comes to Google


Google is taking a leaf out of Facebook’s custom audiences advertising with a new offering, giving brands the opportunity to gain access to Google’s vast master file of Gmail data.

The new programme allows advertisers to import customer lists and market to those people in Gmail, search pages and YouTube. Google will also create ‘mirror lists’ for advertisers; users who share the same characteristics as people on the brand’s original customer list.

Google has been left behind by Facebook and twitter in this type of insight advertising and with 900 million registered users, the opportunity for retargeting in Google search, Gmail and YouTube is sure to be a strong pull for brands.

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Twitter experiments with polls 


The quick hit of live audience feedback is arriving on twitter with a ‘poll’ button being experimented with among certain users.

The new feature allows users to pose a one question survey on their feed and if it proves popular among the test group of users who have been granted early access, it will roll out to recognised brands and verified accounts.

It’s sure to be popular with the media and also brands wanting quick insight into customer opinions.

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Facebook videos do a full 360


Facebook’s news feed on desktop and Android now supports 360 degree, immersive videos.

Users can click and move around the video as it plays, paving the way for virtual reality content to be viewed on news feeds in the near future.

One of the first entries using the new format is a 360 degree trailer for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. As brands begin to be offered this opportunity on their pages, expect to see plenty more soon.

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How much money do you make for Facebook?


What’s a Facebook user worth to the social media platform? Turns out that American Facebookers are significantly more valuable than elsewhere.

New research has revealed that advertising revenue per user on Facebook amounted to $48.76 a year in America, and an average of $7.71 in the rest of the world.

It is because of the value of the American advertising market that US users are such revenue generators compared to the rest. And the gulf is only going to get bigger, with that average revenue per account set to rise to above $60 in 2016 while non-US users’ value will increase to just $9.26, according to eMarketer.

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Customers get touchy in smart changing rooms


Interactive technology installed in a New York clothes shop has led to a threefold increase in sales.

The Rebecca Minkoff store in Manhattan now automatically recognises each item that a shopper brings into the changing room. Shoppers then tap an interactive screen that shows the item styled with different looks, as well as sizes and colours.

In the main store, shoppers can order drinks via touch screens and input their mobile phone numbers to receive an alert when a changing room becomes free.

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