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Talk Social: 29 October, 2020 – How social media platforms are fuelling sales


Who has bought something because of social media?

A study, looking at the influence of social media on consumer behaviour, has found that one in eight Brits (13 per cent) have been persuaded to buy something because of an offer on social media.

The YouGov poll found that these people are far more likely to be female (65 per cent). They are also more likely to be younger than average, with 64 per cent being under the age of 45.

Overwhelmingly, social media shoppers are Facebook users, with nine in 10 (91 per cent) saying they are on the platform. Six in 10 are on Instagram, 43 per cent are on Twitter and 28 per cent are on Snapchat.

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Facebook removes its 20 per cent text limit on advert images

There has been a significant update for Facebook advertisers: the restrictions on ad image text have been removed.

Previously if an advert’s image included more than 20 per cent text, Facebook would restrict its reach and even refuse to publish it. Now Facebook has confirmed it will no longer penalise ads with higher amounts of image text.

Facebook, however, does recommend that advertisers don’t include excessive amounts of text in images as these naturally don’t perform as well and instead keep all text short, concise and clear in order to get your message across effectively.

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Pinterest and LinkedIn both add Stories to their apps

In the past week, both Pinterest and LinkedIn have unveiled a series of new tools and features for their apps, both of which include their own version of Stories.

Stories are now ubiquitous throughout social media. On Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook these popular, ephemeral video and photo narratives that have become a major engagement engine for users and brands alike.

The two versions on Pinterest and LinkedIn follow the template first set out by Snapchat. However, one key way Pinterest’s Story Pins differ is they will not disappear after a set period of time – people can save these the same way as other pins and they can be found via search.

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The best time for brands to post on social media

Knowing what time to post on social media is often an important part of a digital marketing strategy. To give brands a starting point, a recent study has looked at the key engagement times across the different platforms to determine the best generic times to post.

On Facebook, it found between 1-4pm was the best time and the best days were Saturday and Sunday. On Instagram, it found lunchtime (11am – 1pm) and after work (7-9pm) were the peak times for engagement and the best day was Wednesday. On LinkedIn, the best time was between 10-11am and the best days were Tuesday through to Thursday.

It is worth noting the best posting times will vary on a brand’s unique community and most platforms provide analytic tools to find out when their audience is most active. Also posting time becomes less relevant when brands have a paid social media advertising budget, as spend can be optimised to serve content when the audience is most receptive. 

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Facebook threatens to leave Europe over new privacy laws

The Irish data protection commissioner (DPC) has sent Facebook a preliminary order ordering it to stop sending the data of its European users to the US. This is a big concern for the social media giant, as to comply it would need to completely re-engineer its European operations.

Facebook has responded by threatening to stop operating entirely in Europe, leaving its 410 million European users without access to both Facebook and Instagram. This seems completely unlikely as it would be a significant loss in revenue to the company. Indeed, Facebook currently makes an average of £10.19 per European user, this is higher than any other territory except the US.

There are a lot of technical issues involved here that will keep lawyers busy for months, or even years. While this drags on European users’ data will continue to flow freely into Facebook’s US servers.

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