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Talk Social: 29 October, 2015

YouTube Red launch


After months of rumours and anticipation, YouTube has finally announced its new paid subscription.

YouTube Red, which launches stateside this week will allow subscribers to view all content on YouTube & YouTube Music without any kind of advertising.

YouTube also boasts that the new service will allow users to download content to their devices to watch later in places where internet connection may be slow, expensive or nonexistent, such as on the tube or a plane.

The team at YouTube also announced 10 new channels which will only be available behind the paywall.

At the moment, Google is keeping this to the Americas BUT has announced, if successful, the service will be rolled out globally with the UK being the next territory.

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2. Search beyond your network


Facebook last week made a small, yet significant tweak to their search engine.

When searching the social network, users will now not only see their friends’ posts, but also have access to the 2 trillion or more public posts.

Users can now use Facebook to search any topic, discover who is talking about it outside their network and even add to the conversation.

The change signifies another step towards the twitter model as Facebook becomes less about what you, your friends and friends of friends have to say and more about what everyone is saying.

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3. Instagram throws a Boomerang

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Instagram added to its range of photo & video apps last week with its new tool Boomerang.

Boomerang stitches together a burst of 5 photos to make a 1 second looping video that a user can then share online via Instagram.

In its first week the app has already had some success with brands and celebrities already using the app to demo everything from magazines to new products.

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4. Google anticipates festive sales

Under or overstocking popular items is an issue which every retailer at some point has come across.

In preparation for the festive sales boom, Google has released a new tool which aims to solve this problem by sharing data that retailers can use to find the products that people in their city are searching for the most – helping them to anticipate a sales surge on a particular line.

Aimed to resolve the tricky and complex issue of inventory, Google’s new tool ‘Shopping Insights’ breaks down localised search data and illustrates the demand for items by city, with Google saying 87% of shoppers research their in-store purchases online first.

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5. Live polls are coming to all


Twitter has, this week, rolled out their new polling feature, following months of trials with select brands.

With a couple of clicks or taps, twitter users will now be able to create an interactive two-choice poll right from their compose box – the poll will then remain online for 24hrs before the results are shared.

Users will have the ability to vote on any poll but their vote will not be shared publicly.

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