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Talk Social: 29 May, 2018

Where are you? Snapchat can locate your mates


Social media is all about the now and Snapchat is adding a new layer to its platform by letting users send their location to friends in real time or request a friend’s location.

The result shows up in the Snap Map and also within your message thread. The move comes after the introduction of a constant Snap Map broadcast of users’ locations proved unpopular.

However, by appealing to social media users’ desire to keep in touch with their group of friends at all times, this is more likely to be a move that has a chance of being successful.

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Pinterest grows and grows


Pinterest has added 50 million new users since September as the image-based social platform continues to grow in influence.

The new users mean that there are now 250 million active users pinning their images every month.

Although still the fourth most popular social network after Facebook, Instagram and twitter, where Pinterest scores highest is in its power as an active shopping platform with nine in 10 users saying it influences purchasing decisions.

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Your LinkedIn account may get smarter


Talk of a new digital assistant for LinkedIn users, which would make calendar dates based on information in your emails and even phone you to remind you of upcoming appointments, is hotting up.

LinkedIn’s Microsoft owner has recently rolled out a digital assistant in China which is so convincing many users believe they are interacting with a human and it has become a mini-celeb with its own TV show.

Its success has led many experts to expect some of this tech to be used on the LinkedIn platform before long, with LI long promising its users a smart assistant.

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Easier ways to verify on Facebook

Gone are the days when you had to input a phone number to verify on Facebook. The social network is simplifying the process for two-factor verification.

It is adding support for third party apps such as Google Authenticator in addition to streamlining its own set-up process.

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New crackdown on fake news


Facebook has launched a new site to increase awareness of fake news, how to spot it and stop it.

A high profile news literacy campaign will give those using the social network tips to spot false news and a partnership with academic research teams will measure the impacts, and address issues over fake news.

Facebook has also hired thousands of new moderators to better spot and remove fake content across its site.

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