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Talk Social: 29 August, 2017

Amazon woos more social influencers


The social influence of those with large and targeted followings continues to grow.

Amazon has announced that its Influencer Program, a service that pays social media ‘personalities’ for promoting Amazon products, is now extending to include YouTube influencers.

Amazon will vet all YouTubers before granting them influencer status and they will then earn commission on the products they endorse, according to sales.

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Prices tumble at Amazon grocery


Whole Foods, the US grocery chain with nine branches in the UK, has started slashing prices after Amazon took charge.

In a move that is sure to have dramatic knock on effects across the supermarket industry, Whole Foods prices came down by as much as 43 per cent on items including staples such as beef and chicken, tomatoes and bananas.

Amazon already delivers groceries via its Prime service to parts of the UK and will now include Whole Foods products in its online range.

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Fake sites can’t promote Facebook posts


Facebook is taking another step in its battle to rid the social platform of fake news by banning pages that share fake stories from buying adverts.

By limiting the reach of false sites in this way, Facebook is confident it can help to reduce the visibility of fake stories.

Facebook is also working with respected news outlets such as the Associated Press and Snopes to flag inaccurate stories.

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How to know if your GIF is on trend

GIPHY is adding a view counter to its GIFs, to enable those using them to know if they are using a highly popular one or something new and original.

This will help brands who like using GIFs on their social to be sure that they are following trends and getting it right in the ever-changing world of the GIF.

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Verified accounts coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is to have verified ‘ticked’ accounts when it rolls out a business version of the messaging app.

A green tick next to the name of the business will indicate that the account has been confirmed as a genuine one for the company and its phone number is correct.

The business version of the app will allow businesses to set working hours, to leave an out of office message when unavailable and manage automatic messages.

The new features will trial first in India before being rolled out across the WhatsApp network.

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