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Talk Social: 28 March, 2017

New tweetdeck could be coming – for a fee?


Twitter is floating the idea of launching an advanced version of tweetdeck, that it would make available to users of the social network for a monthly fee.

The proposed new version would provide analytics tracking, trending data, alerts and would be completely ad free.

However, how much would users be prepared to pay for such a service? Twitter needs to generate revenue as its advertising service is not proving anything like as popular as that on Facebook or Instagram.

The monetising of social media continues apace.

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Facebook adds GIF comments


Facebook is also testing out a new feature with users, to see if it’s popular enough to roll out across its entire platform.

The ability to use GIFs as comments, without having to leave Facebook to find the right GIF, is currently on trial.

Facebook messenger users can already source GIFs direct from Giphy and Tenor to use as comments. Now this option is being added to the main Facebook platform.

Whether it leads to more engagement and comments will ultimately be the barometer on which it stays or goes as a FB feature.

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More than a million advertisers active on Insta


The number of advertisers actively running campaigns on Instagram has now passed one million – with the growth fuelled by small businesses.

This is a 500 per cent increase on the 200k figure Instagram quoted last year for advertiser numbers and is proof of the success of the social platform.

There are more than eight million business profiles on Instagram, with features introduced to make campaigns easier leading to the spike in activity from smaller organisations keen to step into the world of paid social.

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LinkedIn goes trending


Users getting ‘trending’ updates is now commonplace across social platforms and now LinkedIn has joined the party.

The links to stories will focus on business news and topics as you would expect for the social network that is designed to connect professionals.

A 20+ team of former journalists from outlets such as Reuters and the Wall Street Journal will select initial trending stories, before user engagement allows LinkedIn’s algorithm to select the top stories.

It is starting in the US, with a rollout across all LinkedIn users expected to follow soon.

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Why stories are the ‘new’ news feed


More and more brands are adopting the ‘stories’ method of posting on social, with all the main platforms pushing this new way of storytelling.

Started by Snapchat, the method has been copied by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, and its popularity with mobile users in particular has seen it become the ‘new’ news feed.

If the camera is the new keyboard, if emojis are more current than letters and words, then brands have to find a way of telling their stories in a way that engages the new generation.

Whether still images or video, the future is definitely visual – smaller brands have to start looking at what the early adopters of this storytelling style are doing, and seeing what they can copy.

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