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Talk Social: 28 July, 2015

Panda kicks into action again


After almost a year with no updates, Google has confirmed that a refresh of its Panda algorithm has started to roll out.

Panda – the Google programme that sets about improving the quality of search results by demoting sites with poor and spam content down the rankings – is expected to have an effect across the entire internet over the coming months.

The slow rollout means some web pages may be affected before others.

The rollout means anyone who was penalised by Panda in the last update has a chance to emerge if they made the right changes. So if you were hit by Panda, you won’t notice the benefit immediately but should see changes in organic rankings gradually.

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Smile for the advert


Does the idea of artificially intelligent adverts that can read your mood freak you out? If so, be afraid because they’re here.

A trial of bus stop ads in London has seen new technology employed that has the ability to serve different messages depending on people’s reactions.

The experiment has the same sensors as found at the top of an Xbox games console and has been programmed to recognise if the person in front of it is happy, sad or neutral.

Depending on the emotion detected, a different ad message will be served.

The ad has been developed by global advertising giant Saatchi.

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Apple to take control of remotes?


Apple is patenting a fingerprint activated TV remote control.

The device would store a user’s personal TV preferences, meaning different people in a household would be served different options depending on who was operating it.

Whether this means Apple wants to produce such a product, or simply wants to own a patent in case a rival tries to, is unclear. However, given Apple’s appetite for joining up devices it seems a natural step towards an internet of things step for the company.

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Every step you take … is now mapped


Google is releasing a new tool that allows users to trace their steps back through history. The Timeline feature allows you to view in Maps places, check-ins and routes you have taken.

While this self-stalking is a fun diversion for those with the time and inclination, the potential for it to be used to serve marketing messages depending on your habits is ripe.

Users can turn this function off in Location History.

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Joke’s on the gag thieves


Twitter is trying to protect the intellectual property and copyright of its most creative users by cracking down on those who steal and plagiarise jokes.

The social network has started erasing and hiding a number of tweets reported as containing stolen content, referring to the original poster as the ‘copyright holder’.

Also this week, twitter removed the background on all its user profiles with no prior warning – a move widely seen as a precursor to using the blank space to place advertising on.

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