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Talk Social: 28 January, 2020

Byte back – the second coming of Vine

Three years after Twitter disabled uploads from Vine to its platform, creator Dom Hoffman has relaunched Vine – this time as Byte. 

Like the original app, Byte will allow users to record looped vertical videos up to 6 seconds long and upload them to a feed. 

The new app will face stiff competition from China’s TikTok, which experienced massive growth in the absence of Vine.

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Spotify tests stories feature

Spotify is testing a new Stories feature that will allow users to incorporate video elements into their public playlists.

The new feature is currently limited to a small number of select influencers, including make-up and fashion vlogger Summer McKeen who has 2.3m YouTube subscribers and 126k Spotify followers.

The Stories options are very basic at this time, allowing users to record short introductions to songs and play brief clips of music shown over the album artwork.

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YouTube Music has exploded in popularity

YouTube Music, Google’s answer to Spotify and Apple Music, has taken off since the app was overhauled in early 2018.

Between the end of 2017 and 2019, the music streaming app has grown from fewer than 8m to more than 77m active users.

Much of that growth stems from launches in developing markets such as India and Brazil, capitalizing on the popularity of its free video streaming platform on mobile.

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UK news publishers lose £170m in digital revenue

UK newspaper and magazine publishers lost almost £170m in digital revenue last year due to oversensitive ad-blocking safeguards.

The technology, designed to stop advertisements from appearing next to hard-hitting content such as shootings and terrorism, inadvertently blocked them from appearing in some of the most popular stories of the year.

Publishers found that many well-read stories were flagged as inappropriate by ad-blocking systems. For instance, Rugby stories which used keywords such as ‘attack’ meant they were flagged as inappropriate.

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Dolly Parton sparks social media profile challenge

A social media profile image gives a strong first impression, and Dolly Parton wants to make sure you choose your photos wisely.

On Tuesday a post from the iconic singer, songwriter and actor’s Twitter account showed four pictures of herself, labelled ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Instagram’ and ‘Tinder’. In an instant, the #DollyPartonChallenge was created.

Celebrities, including Martha Stewart, Jimmy Nail, Miley Cyrus and Mark Ruffalo all shared their own versions. Several brands also jumped on the trend including The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

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