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Talk Social: 25 February, 2020

Twitter explores human fact checking system

Twitter is testing a new way to fight misinformation on its platform through a Wikipedia style community moderation system.

A series of mock-ups from Twitter show how tweets from public figures can be tagged with large orange boxes denoting them as ‘harmfully misleading’.

The tweets would be labelled as such by fact-checkers and journalists who are verified on the platform and possibly by other users who would participate in a new ‘community reports’ feature.

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Facebook tests bringing back a chronological feed

Facebook may make it easier to escape its ranking algorithm and explore the News Feed in a chronological format. 

The company has prototyped an option which would give users the ability to easily switch between a feed governed by Facebook’s complex algorithms, aimed at showing most relevant content first, and a version which purely displays the most recent posts from your followers first.

Facebook’s feed algorithms, which first rolled out in 2013, have helped the platform maximise engagement and boost user screen time, but have been the cause of frustration for many users. 

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Is Twitter working on Stories?

Twitter has acquired Chroma Labs, a tech company known for helping users create stylish Stories for Instagram, Snapchat and more.

It’s believed that Twitter plans to continue Chroma Labs Story template app as well as split the team’s work across their own product, design and engineering teams.

Given the Chroma Lab’s background in visual storytelling, many commentators have speculated whether this means we will soon be seeing Twitter Stories or perhaps prettier tweets.

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Watch your toes! Snapchat’s new AR Lens turns the floor into lava

Kids who grew up playing the floor is lava can now have their childhood game brought to life through Snapchat’s latest augmented reality World Lense.

The ground segmentation technology within the Lense is able to recognise the floor on a live video and turn it into either water or hot lava, complete with patches of ground users can jump between.

To find the new lenses, update to the latest version of Snapchat, then tap the camera screen to bring up the lens carousel and look for the new options called ‘floor is water’ and ‘floor is lava’.

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Reddit releases 2019 transparency report

Reddit has published its latest transparency report, detailing all the content removals and enforcement actions that the platform has taken over the last year.

In total the company removed 53 million pieces of content, most of which was spam and content manipulation (e.g. brigading and vote cheating). It also quarantined 256 subreddits, which when a forum is labelled as having shared offensive or misleading material. 

The report shows how Reddit is working to maintain its platform rules, and keep subreddits in line with community standards.

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