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Talk Social: 28 February, 2017

Welcome to the era of browser fingerprinting


Tracking users around the internet, even if they use different browsers, is more accurate than ever thanks to a new piece of software being dubbed ‘browser fingerprinting’.

The system developed by an academic in Pennsylvania theoretically allows advertisers and brands to follow individuals across different internet sessions, different devices and different browsers.

This is because the system developed by Yinzhi Cao identifies characteristics unique to a computer’s hardware and software, such as installed fonts to screen resolution, which combines to form a profile that is identifiable more than 90 per cent of the time, no matter if you’re on Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Breakthrough or a creepy invasion of privacy? You decide.

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Personal touch in twitter customer service


Brands using twitter for customer service will be looking closely at a new feature launched by the social network, to allow for more personalisation of responses.

With more and more customer service functions being performed by bots, brands reassuring customers that a real person is answering their query is becoming ever more important.

Twitter has responded to this with the introduction of custom profiles within a business account, showing an individual’s name and picture rather than that of the company they represent.

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More ways to make money on FB Live


Facebook is expanding its options to monetise live broadcasts on social, in a bid to encourage more brands to get on board.

There is a new dollar sign icon on Facebook Live, which creators can tap to insert an ad break of up to 15 seconds into the stream. Revenues are split 55 per cent to the creator and 45 per cent to FB.

Facebook is keen to establish itself as the home of live social, taking traffic away from rival platforms. The added appeal of money is sure to help that process.

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WhatsApp updates its Status


The more good ideas social networks come up, the more they are copied by all of the competition.

The latest is WhatsApp, which has launched Status, a direct clone of Snapchat’s Stories feature.

Status lets users create decorated images, GIFs and videos, that disappear 24 hours after they are sent.

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Snapchat games offer new marketing options


Snapchat is continuing to push out innovative new features (ahead of the competition) with its first Lens Game.

Inside the Princess And Queens lens is an game where players have to gather gems located in the room around them.

This offers massive potential for brands to get involved in similar ventures, looking to the commercial success of Pokemon Go as inspiration.

Augmented reality games played on phones are set to be one of the trends of 2017, especially among the Millennial demographic.

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