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Talk Social: 27 November, 2018

YouTube wants to double the number of ads at the start of a video

YouTube has begun trials of double adverts before films start to play.

In the trial, both of the back to back ads are skippable, and the feature is only being trialled on desktop at this stage, to gauge audience reactions before it moves to mobile.

Having two ads before the start means that the mid-roll ad will not feature in a clip.

YouTube estimates that viewers will have up to 40 per cent fewer ad interruptions this way.

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Snapchat wants more businesses to build AR Lenses

Snapchat wants more brands to create their own Automated Reality Lenses – by making it easier to get one.

The social platform has opened up a list of certified Lens creators, matching brands who want one, with experts who can make it happen.

The Lens feature – which places graphics over a smartphone’s camera – are very popular with younger audiences.

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Instagram adds new Nametag feature

Instagram’s new Nametag feature is a scannable image that allows anyone to follow an account instantly.

Its benefits to brands keen to expand their social repertoire are being seen as quicker ways of gaining followers, at networking events or conferences, emails and also in physical form in print ads, corporate signage or flyers.

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Snapchat releases latest trends news

Snapchat is sharing some of its trending highlights from the past month, to shed light on how its youthful audience is interacting and engaging.

The weather, national days such as ‘boyfriend day’ and ‘animal day’ and the release of new emojis were all much discussed over the past month.

Snapchat is also letting the wider world in on the trending slang used by Snappers – ‘weird flex, but OK’ meaning something odd to brag about.

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LinkedIn tests own versions of ‘reactions’ and ‘stories’

LinkedIn is looking to build on its new high audience numbers and levels of engagement with more Facebook-style features.

The professional’s social network is testing reactions to posts, GIFs in posts and even a ‘Stories’ feature.

The Stories are being initially targeted at students, with a wider rollout to follow. Whether it makes it all the way to company CEOs using GIFs in posts and posting stories of boardroom meetings remains to be seen.

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