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Talk Social: 27 June, 2017

Google to stop scanning Gmail emails


Google has announced that it’s stopping scanning Gmail users inboxes in order to serve up targeted, personalised ads.

Privacy campaigners have argued that the practice of scanning private emails for keywords and then using them for advertising purposes was intrusive and not a price worth paying for a free email service.

Google says it can still serve sophisticated, targeted ads as before – but using data from other sources instead.

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Snapchat puts its users on the map


Snapchat wants its users to start exploring the world with the introduction of Snap Map.

The feature allow the social network’s users to share their location with friends within the app. However, it will also let them discover public content from from non-friends in specific locations, such as concerts, festivals or sporting events.

Those concerned about privacy can opt out of Snap Map and will not be seen if they select to go into ‘ghost mode’.

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Facebook expands trial of video cover images


Facebook is expanding the number of pages who are eligible to have video cover images.

The feature was first introduced to the social network in April to a test group of users, to see how it worked.

The video clips must be a minimum of 20 seconds, not longer than 90 seconds and play on a loop. With the ability to have moving images in such a key location, brands are clamouring to adopt this new feature – page admins will be notified by email if they are eligible.

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Millennials trust Instagram for shopping decisions


Brands active on social and digital platforms are frequently seeking insight into the lives of millennials to stay ahead of trends.

These digital natives set the behaviour that the rest of us follow – and new research has shown that more than half of millennials (53 per cent) say Instagram has the most influence on them when making shopping decisions.

The study by LendEDU shows Insta way out in front, with Facebook the next closest  social network with a retail influence, with 32 per cent of millennials saying it is a factor in their purchasing habits.

Meanwhile, Instagram is now letting users replay live streams, adding them to their Stories, to increase the audience for live broadcasts.

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New search insights on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is letting users (individuals and businesses) see how they were discovered by listing the keywords that are most effective at attracting attention.

The professional social network is now displaying the exact search terms people used to find your business or individual page.

LinkedIn claims that more than 20 million professionals including recruiters, hiring managers and decision makers using its search facility every week.

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