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Talk Social: 27 February, 2018

Why are users creating a social buzz around Vero?


There’s a social media buzz taking place as users fed-up of Facebook and tired of twitter switch to Vero.

The platform has actually been in existence for more than a year, however it experienced a surge last week as so many new sign-ups flocked to it that its system couldn’t cope.

What makes Vero different is that it claims to be natural in comparison to the global big hitters of social media. There is no algorithm controlling what posts are seen, no ads, users rank contacts by relationship (close friend, friend, acquaintance) and it is very upfront about the fact that it intends to start charging for access once users pass the one million mark.

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3D posting gets easier on Facebook


Facebook has made it easier to create 3D posts, allowing images to be posted that users can scroll around, seeing the image from all angles and sides.

The benefits for marketers are immediate, with products able to be examined so closely that it’s the next best thing to being in a shop and picking it up.

The facility has technically been available since October, however now it has industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format support.

By simplifying the process, Facebook hopes to see much wider take up of the process by brands and users alike.

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Social referrals from Facebook decline


The power of Facebook as a social referrer is on the slide, according to new data.

The Shareaholic Traffic Report identified that Facebook’s share of referral traffic fell by eight per cent in 2017 as users reacted to algorithm changes by spending less time on the social network.

Google, Instagram and Pinterest all benefited from this reduction in Facebook popularity. The report looked at data from more than a quarter of a million mobile and desktop sites to identify trends.

Search regained the lead from social in 2017 – driving 35 per cent of site visits in 2017, compared with 26 per cent from social.

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Snapchat battles back against downturn


Battered by public backlash to its re-design, plus a shaming from celeb influencer Kylie Jenner, Snapchat is trying to stay relevant to its audience with a host of new features ‘borrowed’ from Instagram.

Despite more than one million people signing a petition to change Snapchat’s design back to its old format, it was the tweet from US reality TV star Jenner that caused most damage. Her post ‘soo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?’ caused a drop in market value of more than $1billion.

So Snapchat is doing what it does best and adding new features for adorning to posts. This time it’s GIF stickers that are already a hit on Instagram Stories. Snapchat is also bringing in tabs to help users navigate to the content they want straight away.

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Slack goes from workplace to the home


Workplace communication network Slack is increasingly being used as a social networking tool out of the workplace, too.

Groups that have sprung up on Slack around common themes are now assisting professionals seeking advice, reviews or help with projects. Ironically for a tool originally designed for internal communication, it is also being used to help people find new jobs, stealing focus from LinkedIn.

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