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Talk Social: 27 April, 2022 – How will Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter change the platform?

How will Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter change the platform?

Elon Musk has reached a $44bn deal to buy Twitter in a move that will have massive implications for the future of the platform, its 200 million users and brands who use it in their marketing strategies. 

Musk has spoken about his vision for the platform various times – to shift Twitter to a subscription model, combat bots, reduce its reliance on ads and create a space for unmoderated free speech.

With such a huge investment (around a third of Musk’s personal wealth), it can be safe to assume that Musk must have a plan to generate income from the app. A subscription model would be one scheme to achieve this. 

Multiple voices have expressed concern over the takeover. Human rights groups have suggested that Musk’s promise to reduce censorship could lead to a rise in hate speech on the platform. Also, the suggestion of turning Twitter private has prompted questions about elitism as poorer users would be locked out.

What Musk does next or how he addresses these concerns remains to be seen. Watch this space as we learn more.

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Instagram tests pinned posts

After hinting at it for a while, Instagram is testing a new feature that lets users pin specific posts to their profile above their main photo grid.

The feature, which is currently only available to select users, could be a valuable tool for brands – allowing them to highlight special offers, key products or other top-performing performing posts.

Instagram hasn’t provided a timeline for a full rollout, but they have noted it is in the testing phase, which could see it coming to users’ profiles imminently.

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Rising app BeReal reaches 3 million daily active users

An alternative to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok is climbing the app charts. BeReal has recently gained a lot of attention amid rapid growth and a daily active user base that’s now reached 3 million.

Originally launched in December 2019, the app prompts users to take and post one photo per day. After the push-notification, the user has a 2 minutes window to share what they’re up to and see the photos of their friends.

The app has positioned itself in firm opposition to the other big social media apps. The app encourages its users to not use filters or spend time crafting the perfect shot. One part of the description reads, ‘BeReal won’t make you famous, if you want to become an influencer, you can stay on TikTok and Instagram.’

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LinkedIn experiences ‘record levels’ of engagement

Microsoft is reporting a strong quarter for its social media platform LinkedIn. According to the latest performance update, LinkedIn’s revenue is up 34 per cent year-on-year to £2.74 billion and active sessions grew by 22 per cent in the latest quarter.

This strong growth comes on the back shifting, post-lockdown job market. LinkedIn’s focus on new tools to help users showcase their professional skills and employers find better matches on their open roles, has positioned it in the perfect place to benefit from this change in landscape.

With more users comes increased interest from advertisers looking to target potential consumers – not just the B2B reach the platform is known for.

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YouTube rolls out Super Thanks to all eligible channels

Super Thanks, a YouTube monetisation tool that allows content creators to make money directly from viewers, is now available to all eligible channels.

Once enabled on the creator’s channel, viewers can click a ‘Thanks’ button while watching a video to buy a one-time animation and send a personalised, colourful message that stands out in the comment section.

Super Thanks is one of several new features designed to provide a revenue stream for creators, in the hope of enticing them to stay on their platform rather than switch to a competitor which can provide more income.

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