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Talk Social: 26 May, 2015

Snapchat invests in shopping app ‘Spring’


Snapchat has invested in shopping app, Spring which launched last year for iOS and Android; the app recommends menswear and womenswear via a slick photo friendly feed somewhat resembling Instagram. This investment suggests Snapchat is exploring e-commerce which is not totally surprising as it has already entered the payments space with Snapcash, which lets its estimated 100 million users pay one another.

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Google introduces mobile-only ‘Buy’ button


Even though more people are shopping on their phones, the majority aren’t making cash purchases. Google’s solution is to introduce sponsored, mobile-only ‘buy’ buttons that keep people on Google, rather than redirecting them back to the retailer’s check-out page. The idea is that people will buy more with a seamless checkout than if forced to wait for a retailer’s page to load, thanks to a more user-friendly checkout process.

To sweeten the deal, Google won’t take any cut of revenue from the sales facilitated by buy buttons, with the sales coming at a different type of cost to retailers. With Google acting as the transactional middleman, retailers will miss out on a potentially lucrative portion of the consumer data that comes in when a purchase is made. With the buy buttons, retailers will still handle shipping and delivery, however control over promotion codes, suggested items, brand loyalty and customer service could be forfeited by retailers if they add the buy button to a sponsored Google ad.

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QuizUp’s its game



QuizUp, the mobile trivia app which became popular in 2013, has now been updated to a social network.

The company now boasts more than 33 million users worldwide, who play approximately 7 million games per day, with the average user spending about half an hour on the app.

The new features will include user profiles, comment threads, a direct messaging system, and people search. The thoughts behind the update are that Facebook doesn’t suit meeting new people, and QuizUp will complement Facebook as the place to make new acquaintances. Being able to choose your quiz topic gives a good indicator of your interests and gives the chance to immediately interact with someone who has them in common with you.

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Tinder moves into the world of marketing


Tinder has been actively moving into the world of advertising and marketing, launching an ad for Bud Light’s #WhateverUSA that is exclusive to the app. Tinder says that this doesn’t fall under their scope of specifically advertising, but the idea of leveraging the network’s millions of users to offer engagement for brands and artists.

Most recently they have teamed up with musician Zedd; as you use the app and swipe through potential matches, Zedd will appear alongside a link to purchase his new album for an exclusive price of $3.99 with a digital download immediately being sent to those swiping right.

Tinder confirmed that this isn’t a revenue-generating partnership but rather a new feature to give users exclusive access to cool people and products.

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Mondo, Mobile-First Bank Startup

 Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 14.59.50

Tom Blomfield, GoCardless Founder, is developing a “full stack” and mobile-first bank startup in a bid to revitalise the consumer banking sector. Mondo will write its own full stack banking software from scratch and has also applied for a full banking license, enabling it to generate revenue by lending out deposits.

Screenshots of the app have already been shared on Twitter by the firm’s investors, showing features including real-time reporting of cash withdrawals, geolocation-marked spending, an Apple watch app, and peer-to-peer payments with emojis.

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