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Talk Social: 25th May, 2021 – Snapchat moves into the next phase of AR development

Snapchat moves into the next phase of AR development

After years of development, Snapchat announced the next stage of its augmented reality push with the launch of the first iteration of fully AR-enabled smart glasses.

The new glasses, which are able to overlay digital graphics onto a person’s real-world view, will not be made available to the public immediately. Instead, the hardware will be distributed to AR creators, who will essentially partner with Snapchat in the next stage of development.

This is a big step forward for AR usage and seemingly comes ahead of bigger players such as Facebook and Apple who are also developing their own technology.

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Pinterest now facilitates more than 5 billion searches each month

Pinterest has shared some new insights into user search activity, and how its search function has evolved over time to provide more accurate matches.

According to the Pinterest Engineering Blog, there are now more than 5 billion searches on the platform every month. That is a big increase on the figures from 2016, when its monthly search volume was just 2 billion.

While that may be a long way off Google’s reported 3.5 billion searches every day, it’s worth remembering Pinterest searches are often related to product discovery and, therefore, more valuable to brands.

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TikTok moves to the next stage of eCommerce testing

TikTok is in the process of evolving its in-stream shopping tools, with a new set of test features rolling out to selected creators.

The upcoming ‘Promo Tiles’, will enable businesses to add customisable sales and promotional alerts, overlaid on their video clips, and ‘Showcase Tiles’ which will better enable creators to directly promote products in their uploads.

In a recent overview, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance noted that it aims to facilitate more than £130 billion of eCommerce annually by 2022.

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Instagram to launch a new payment option to incentivize Reels creators

Facebook is set to launch a ‘bonuses’ program to reward creators of original content on Instagram Reels.

To support the launch of Snapchat’s TikTok clone Spotlight, the company established a similar creator fund that would pay out $1 million per day to its top creators. The success of Spotlight has often been attributed to this program.

Time will tell if Facebook’s copycat move will increase user uptake of Reels or thwart the rapid ascension of TikTok.

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Twitter tests new Super Follows display

Twitter is continuing to work on its creator monetisation tools, with a new test of a new display icon for ‘Super Followers’, which would provide a quick overview of how many paying subscribers each user has on the platform.

The upcoming Super Follow option will provide creators with another way to generate direct income from their on-platform efforts, by charging a monthly fee to give fans access to a range of additional content and engagement features.

This and other monetisation features, including newsletters, ticketed Spaces and ecommerce links, are still in development. We’ll keep you updated on any progress.

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