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Talk Social: 25 June, 2019

Face value – Facebook unveil Libra cryptocurrency

More details have emerged about Facebook’s plans to launch their own cryptocurrency.

The currency, named Libra, will be traded inside of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and is intended to act as an intermediary for transferring traditional currencies. 

Eventually, Facebook hopes Libra will be accepted as a form of payment in its own right which can be used by a consortium of organisations, including venture capital firms, credit card companies, and other tech giants.

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Making comments count – Facebook outline comment ranking criteria

In an article published on their own press page, Facebook outlined a variety of signals that are used to determine the quality and ranking of comments on public posts. 

This includes how people engage with comments as well as data gathered from surveys on what type of content users want to see in their feeds.

The goal of this update is to reduce click-baiting practices and improve the user experience on the site.

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Faceoff – Facebook and eBay urged to do more to tackle fake reviews

Facebook and eBay have been warned by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to do more to tackle the sale of fake reviews.

While not alleging the platforms are intentionally allowing such content, the CMA stated it found ‘troubling evidence’ that there is a thriving marketplace for fake and misleading reviews. 

Since the CMA has warned the companies, both have indicated they will take action, with Facebook already removing 26 groups where companies can connect with people looking to write misleading reviews in return for money or free products.

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Stranger Lens – Netflix partner with Snapchat on new Landmarker Lens


Netflix has created a Landmarker Lens promoting the latest season of their hit show Stranger Things.

Landmarker lenses, which were first announced at Snapchat’s developer’s conference in April, enable creators to build location locked Lenses that appear on top of global landmarks. With this Lens, Snapchat users located at baseball team’s Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field stadium can see an AR generated Demogorgon tear through a marquee.

This is a great example of how the technology behind Snapchat Lenses is becoming more sophisticated, bringing a range of new possibilities for brands on the platform.

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Show stopper – Instagram developing stop motion video tool

Instagram is developing a new way of creating engaging video content for Stories – without actually having to record anything.

The new tool enables users to create their own stop-motion video by displaying a lower opacity version of the frame you are capturing with the previous. The current beta version allows videos composed of up to 10 frames but this may be expanded when the product launches.

Expect to see it in your Stories options soon.

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