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Talk Social: 24 May, 2022 – Snapchat to introduce new ‘Family Centre’ and YouTube announces ad frequency capping

Snapchat is preparing to introduce a new parental control feature

Snap is close to launching its new parental control feature, dubbed ‘Family Centre’, that will allow parents to see who their teenage child is friends with on the app, who they’ve been messaging, and more.

The feature works by allowing parents to invite their teens to the new in-app Family Centre in order to begin the monitoring. The recipient of that invitation has the option of either accepting or declining the invitation.

Snapchat is the latest big social media platform to address the need for improved child safeguarding. In the past year, TikTok debuted its Family Pairing tool, YouTube launched its parental control features into testing and Instagram introduced new safety tools for parents also called ‘Family Centre’.

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YouTube announces weekly ad frequency capping

YouTube has announced new ad frequency controls to help advertisers control the number of times their ads are served to users in one week.

To test the new controls, the platform partnered with Discovery+ on a new show’s launch. With a weekly frequency cap of three impressions, the campaign saw a twofold lift in awareness compared with the channel’s best non-frequency-optimised campaign.

This will be a welcome update to many brands and agencies who advertise on the platform. Sophisticated frequency controls, when used properly, can be a valuable tool for optimising a campaign’s performance.

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Meta improve transparency centre with more details on ad targeting

Meta has announced upcoming updates to the page transparency centre that will detail more information about how advertisers are targeting people.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Meta implemented a range of data protection measures to limit a brand’s access to users’ personal data while also improving transparency so any user can see the ads being run by a page via its ad library.

The new level of insights, which will initially only be displayed on political ads, will detail the demographics and interests of audiences behind the targeting. 

This could be a valuable update for advertisers on the platform. Understanding how competitors are targeting their ads will allow brands to outbid their audiences or find new untapped groups.

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TikTok launches its LIVE subscription platform

TikTok continues to explore more creator monetisation avenues with the addition of LIVE Subscriptions, which are being launched with selected influencers this week.

The new feature will enable live-streamers in the app to generate recurring revenue from their efforts, by sharing exclusive streams with their paying audience. The paid subscribers will get access to a range of features including badges, custom emojis, and access to a subscriber-only chat.

With platforms such as Twitch and YouTube having more established monetisation avenues for its influencer network, TikTok is keen to improve its offering in this area to avoid losing any creators to competitor platforms.

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Twitter unveils exclusive Super Follow spaces for paid subscribers

Twitter is also developing new monetisation options for its creators, unveiling Super Follower only Spaces that will enable influencers on the platform to publish exclusive audio content to paid subscribers.

Offering exclusive Spaces that are visible to all users but only available to listen to for paid subscribers could be a good way to help influencers build their base and build stronger relationships with their biggest supporters.

Super Follows was launched last September, however, the platform hasn’t yet released any usage data, leading many to speculate that initial uptake has been small. However, with new features, such as this, being added all the time the number of subscribers could be expected to take off soon.

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