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Talk Social: 24 May, 2016

Why Facebook users ‘like’ summer


Facebook posting and engagement goes up in the summer months, according to the social network’s own data.

The rate at which people posted via mobile last summer increased by more than a quarter (26 per cent) on the rest of the year, while video sharing increased by 43 per cent.

This is encouraging to brands currently shaping their summer content planning – and Facebook has provided further inspiration with the top five keywords that saw the most posts, comments and shares in summer 2015.

They are ‘running’, ‘beach’, ‘parties’, ‘parks and forests’ and ‘movies’.

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More changes to Facebook feed


Staying with Facebook, the algorithm that determines the order stories are presented in a user’s feed is set for another tweak.

The network is reported to be trialling a way to split the feed into sections, such as travel, sport, music or food.

Each category will then have many sub-categories, that can be chosen by each user to make their feed as personal as possible.

What the impact will be for brands, who Facebook must keep happy to maintain its revenues, remains to be seen.

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Millennials get LinkedIn


LinkedIn has been gathering data about millennials using its platform and the results have some revealing insights for brands.

More than one in three users of LinkedIn is a millennial (38 per cent) and there have been more than 43,000 articles written about this elusive demographic and posted on the network, demonstrating the insatiable appetite for insight into what makes a Millennial tick.

The content they engage with most (removing articles about recruitment as this is an obvious reason for visiting LinkedIn) centres around social media marketing, employee engagement, self-esteem, venture capital and, bizarrely, the European Union.

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Multiple messages from Google

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.49.25

Hot on the heels of Google launching Spaces as a rival to popular messaging apps (see last week’s Talk Social), it has unleashed two further apps into the overcrowded marketplace.

Allo is a direct messaging app with integrated personal assistant, while Duo is a video calling app.

Given the struggles Google has had establishing any kind of popularity for G+, there is a lot of work to be done to establish these new services, which don’t have any unique features, above those that are already popular with millions of smartphone users.

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Wearable tech meets fashion


Project Jacquard, Google’s experiment with Levi’s to create wearable tech with a fashionable edge, is close to fruition with the release of a new promotional video showing the tech in action.

A short film shows a cyclist get directions, field an incoming call and more while pedalling around a city. The jacket also allows gestures to control the likes of Spotify and Strava apps.

If the demo version proves successful, Google is set to release the API for any developer to integrate into its services later this year.

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