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Talk Social: 24 January, 2017

Mobile audience wants to shop more via Facebook


With more than one billion people accessing Facebook daily on a mobile device, the social network is putting more emphasis on understanding the behaviours and rhythms of this audience.

A new study into the Facebook mobile user, conducted by the social network themselves from their own data, has thrown up some very interesting statistics for brands looking to engage in this way.

The Facebook research shows 38 per cent of users would like to use their mobiles to do more shopping than they currently do, 30 per cent have discovered a new product via Facebook, 20 per cent said Facebook had led to them purchasing a new product or service and one in three believes Facebook and Instagram are ‘good places’ to learn about new products.

The best time of day for mobile conversions – according to Facebook data – is during the morning and evening commute (8-9 am and 4-6pm) and then again in the evening between 8-10pm.

Finally, brands trading online should be aware that almost one in two users polled by Facebook (40 per cent) said they would abandon an online purchase if a site had more than a three second delay in loading.

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Insta goes live across the UK


The march of live video continues with Instagram now extending its Live Stories feature to UK brands.

The photo and video sharing social network claims that 150 million users are posting ‘Stories’ daily, with brands taking up a third of the most viewed Stories.

Now Live Stories will directly compete with Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat as a way for brands to instantly reach their audience.

Viewers of Live Stories can post comments for the duration of a stream. As soon as the live broadcast is finished, the video disappears.

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Echo or Home – who will win the voice?


Research company Gartner has predicted that by 2018, almost one in three interactions with devices will be voice-based.

With modern life getting ever more hectic, the time it takes to type a sentence or question is already feeling like too much to some people.

That’s why the battle between the tech giants to produce the most sophisticated voice-activated device is hotting up.

Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo are battling it out to become the default voice activated box to control everything from lights and heating, to music, shopping and general questions.

Amazon is currently ahead in the race, with an estimated 18million Echoes sold so far. Whereas Google has not addressed how it makes voice activated devices pay, when they bypass the need for any advertising.

It’s shaping up to be Microsoft v Apple and Nokia v Blackberry all over again.

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WordPress goes 360


All WordPress sites are now able to embed 360 photos and videos.

Using the webVR tool, web developers and admins can now make fully immersive still and moving images available on desktop, mobile and headsets.

This will lead to a massive expansion in the availability of VR content, as WordPress blogs alone have a reach of 409 million users a month.

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And finally… Google+ isn’t dead


Despite appearing to be the Betamax of social networks, it looks like Google + is still very much alive.

So much so, in fact, that the search giant has just released a whole batch of updates for its alternative to Facebook, including an option to hide low quality comments on a post, image zoom and the re-introduction of G+ Events, which lets users create and join events.

The question is: who are these updates for? Performance data from Google indicates that millions of daily users are still active on G+ and not just for the benefits that it brings to SEO.

Google must know something and is prepared to be patient and let its network grow in its own way.

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