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Talk Social: 24 April, 2018

Rise and rise of Reddit


Brands looking to explore new social platforms should take a look at the rise of Reddit in 2018.

The platform has seen its monthly users grow by almost a third this year and at 330million monthly users, it now has more of an audience than twitter.

What is more, the amount of time people spend on Reddit is 15 minutes 47 seconds – more than double that of twitter (six minutes 23 seconds) and greater than Facebook, too (11 minutes).

As a result, Reddit’s options for promoted posts on mobile and targeted ad content are all getting a push in 2018 to encourage more brands to come and play.

What is less certain is what Reddit’s army of users will make of an invasion of branded content and ads appearing on their discussions.

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Facebook introduces scannable QR codes

QR codes are the social gimmick that refuse to die, with Facebook the latest to introduce them to pages.

Not only is Facebook offering a range of display styles for the scannable codes, they can perform a variety of functions for page admins.

The new Facebook QR codes can be set up to automatically like the Page on the user’s behalf, check in to a location, connect to a review page, connect to an offers page or connect to a recommendations screen.

Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter all already offer QR codes to users.

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New account showcases best of Instagram


Instagram has launched a new profile, called @design, to show off the most inspirational post designs on the social network.

As well as Insta’s own army of designers, the profile will showcase work by up and coming designers.

It is all aimed at providing food for thought to those designing brand posts, as well as to influencers and ordinary Insta users.

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Google assistant takes over mobile voice searches


All voice search on Android is being taken over by Google Assistant.

This means that voice controls of Android devices can now be used for more than just web searches – now extending into areas such as controlling smart home devices and utilising third party apps.

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Image recognition now spots pets


Google’s image recognition capabilities are extending beyond humans and down to breeds of dogs and cats.

Google Lens – built into Google Assistant – will now scan images of pets and display snippets of information on screen about their breed.

This example of enhanced AI is certain to present spin-off opportunities for brands before long as the image recognition expands to recognise objects, devices, clothing, logos and more.

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