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Talk Social: 23rd November, 2021 – Meta shares research into emerging shopping trends

Meta shares research into emerging shopping trends

According to Meta, the pandemic has changed the retail landscape forever, with consumers now more accustomed to online discovery and buying options, which has increased their expectations around online shopping. 

The 64-page guide is part of the company’s new Industry Perspective series that works with a range of experts to support businesses by providing insight on the latest consumer trends.

Some key points in the report focused on key consumer motivations such as price, reliability and return policies when buying online; trends in spontaneous purchases compared to planned purchases and actions taken by consumers to support local businesses. 

The ‘Future of Shopping’ report from Facebook is intended to help those developing their ecomm strategy and approach. 

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Twitter rolls out improved labels for misinformation

After first launching misinformation warning labels back in July this year, Twitter is now rolling out improved versions that have been redesigned to make them more effective and less confusing.

The new labels come with variable messaging and alert colours in order to provide more context and to explain why each tweet has been flagged. Some misleading tweets will receive an orange icon with the words “stay informed”, while others with more serious intent or fake information will be labelled with the word ‘misleading’ along with a red exclamation point.

This roll-out follows months of testing from Twitter where they identified a significant decrease in potentially harmful tweets being reshared, which also resulted in a drop in post engagements on this content. 

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TikTok Launches New ‘CommunityTok’

In its attempt to broaden its advertiser appeal, TikTok has launched a new pitch for marketing spend by promoting what it’s calling ‘CommunityToks’.  The aim is to highlight sub-networks within the app to promote community engagement around specific topics and niches.

This will help brands identify communities that better align with specific products and services to maximize their promotional and branding efforts, but you have to remain authentic to the audiences for your content to resonate appropriately. 

With 93% of TikTokers taking some sort of action after seeing a TikTok, taking the time to create content that perfectly aligns with your audience and communities can have an incredible return for businesses. 

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Instagram update lets users delete single images from a Carousel

Four years after introducing the carousel feature, Instagram has finally released a long-awaited update that allows users to delete a single image or clip from an already uploaded carousel.

Prior to the update, users would have to delete the entire post when wanting to remove an image attached to a carousel, making it fairly impractical. 

The announcement was made by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, in a short Twitter video where he demonstrated the simple edit in action. Currently only available to iOS users, the company announced that the feature will also be rolled out to Android users in the coming months. 

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Meta’s glove prototype lets you feel objects in VR

Meta made an exciting announcement last week that has the potential to revolutionise the future of virtual and augmented reality. The company is developing a haptic glove that allows the wearer to experience touching virtual objects.

The prototype, which was unveiled last Tuesday, is built with 15 inflatable pads that fit along the wearer’s palm and fingers. How these pads move can simulate sensations like grasping an object or running your hand along a surface.

Meta has already invested heavily in AR and VR through its Oculus Quest Headset and plans to invest billions more in building the metaverse. If Meta is able to launch this haptic glove system, this could prove to be a key point of difference from other competitors in the same space.

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