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Talk Social: 23 October, 2018

Is Facebook finally winning the war on fake news?


The amount of fake posts on Facebook has dropped by more than half over the past two years, with the social media giant continuing its push to educate everyone in how to spot a false story.

Its new initiative, The Hunt For Fake News, details how false posts are being detected across the platform by Facebook’s army of fact-checkers.

Despite these efforts, Facebook’s image problem surrounding fakes still persists. An estimated three million users have dropped out of the social network in the last three months.

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YouTube develops ads just for smart TV viewers


As viewing habits continue to change constantly, YouTube is now offering advertisers an option to reach those watching its content on smart TVs.

With TV ads still proven to have more recall and drive more purchasing intent than mobile or desktop ads, Google has added TV screen to the options for devices.

Advertisers can now create separate ads for this style of viewing, plus receive reporting and measurement specifically for these devices.

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Facebook a step closer to streaming live on our TVs


Facebook is also working on taking over our TVs, with reports that the social network is working on an in-app camera that will allow streaming on smart TVs.

The new feature will see phones placed on top of TVs, providing a streaming camera for video chats and the ability to view Facebook Watch and other videos.

Code for this development has been found in the FB Android app, although there has been n confirmation from the social giant.

Facebook is moving in to video chat and personal assistant territory with the launch of Portal.

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New way to capture live engagements on twitter


Twitter is capitalising on the engagement that TV shows bring to the social platform by collating event conversations that happen around episodes as they air.

With almost two thirds of TV fans watching dual screen now, twitter is keen to bolster that reputation as the social network to follow live events with.

New event threads will go live 30 minutes before episodes air and compile tweets with hashtags and words related to the show, as well as talent names and handles.

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Google Maps to display electric car charging points


The rise of electric car ownership has seen Google introduce a new feature to its Maps – electric vehicle charging points.

Users will be able to see not only the nearest locations, but also the number of ports there, what type they are and estimated charging time.

Like all other features on Google Maps, reviews will be able to be submitted, along with images and questions.

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