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Talk Social: 23 July, 2019

No likey – Instagram will now hide post likes in six countries

After several months of testing a ‘removing like counts’ feature in Canada, Instagram is expanding the feature to six more countries – Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

By removing a visible likes counter in user’s feeds, Instagram hopes users will feel more inclined to share photos and videos without any anxiety about the number of likes they receive.

Instagram has not commented on how the test is going, however, this expansion shows the company is strongly considering making the change. Brands, meanwhile, will need to adopt a wait and see approach as to how this impacts their measurement of social activity.

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What the #$@&%*! – Facebook has a giant bible of swearing

Facebook has compiled the world’s largest list of obscenities, which covers almost every language, from trawling billions of hate posts.

In efforts to moderate the torrent of new content published every day on the platform, Facebook deploys a combination of artificial intelligence and 15,000 human reviewers to block posts that breach community standards.

Facebook has stated that the list will never be made public to stop users from gaming the artificial intelligence by using deliberate misspellings.

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Tikgram – TikTok tests an Instagram-style grid and other changes

Short-form video app TikTok is working on several new Instagram-esque features, including a Discover page, a grid-style feed layout similar to Instagram Explore, a visible Likes counter on posts, an Account Switcher and more.

The tests were revealed by developers examining the backend of the app. There has been no confirmation from TikTok about when or if to ever expect any of these new features.

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Power to the users – YouTube gives users more options to control their suggested videos

YouTube is making several tweaks to give users greater control over what videos are recommended on their home page and ‘play next’ suggestion.

These updates include greater personalisation of suggested videos based on your activity on the platform, the options to remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch, and a ‘learn more’ function which gives insight into why a video was recommended to you.

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New formats – Facebook is changing the way ads are displayed on mobile

Facebook has announced, via a blog, that News Feed ads will be compressed on mobile to match the new format introduced earlier this year.

From August 19th, only three lines of primary text will appear with posts, after which people will be prompted to click to view additional text. Additionally, the tallest supported aspect ratio will be 4:5. Photos and videos taller than this will be displayed with a cropped preview.

Advertisers on the platform will now need to ensure that their posts have snappy first three lines as well as correct image formatting to ensure optimal presentation.
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