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Talk Social: 23 April, 2019

Who likes Instagram? Instagram tests hiding post likes

Instagram is testing a new user interface which doesn’t show the number of likes a post receives. The user who posts the image would still be able to see how many likes they have received but other users would not be able to see the exact count.

The move comes in response to concerns that the number of likes people recieve could impact mental health. However, the influencer community have already raised concerns that hiding their engagement levels will make it harder for them to secure brand partnerships.

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Byte back – Vine creator launches new video sharing platform

Eighteen months after Twitter disabled uploads from Vine to its platform, creator Dom Hoffman has announced Vine reimagined – this time as Byte. The new app will allow users to record short, looped vertical videos and upload them to a feed. So far, the closed beta has been sent out to just 100 people.

The new app will face stiff competition from China’s TikTok which has massively grown in popularity since Vine’s discontinuation from Twitter.

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Taking stock – Pinterest soars in stock market debut

Pinterest went public last week and immediately saw the price of their shares soar. The stock price closed at the end of its first day of trading at $24 – up nearly 30% from its $19 starting price, giving the company a boost of over $1.4 billion in just 24 hours.

Despite a flying start however, Pinterest is not yet profitable after it saw a net loss of $63 million last year.

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Scroll or swipe? Facebook testing a swipeable news feed

Facebook is testing out a stories-like user interface for the news feed where users would tap or swipe to see the next post.

The company has confirmed new user interface is currently being tested in a beta version of Facebook for Android but stressed it’s early days – so don’t expect to see it anytime soon.

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Step aside Siri – Facebook working on AI voice assistant

Facebook has confirmed that it is building its own digital voice assistant to rival Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

The news of a Facebook AI assistant was first revealed as an integrated feature within Facebook messenger called M. This time Facebook say the assistant will be more focussed on its handsfree hardware devices such as the Oculus headset.
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