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Talk Social: 22nd June, 2021 – Instagram launches Reels ads worldwide

Instagram launches Reels ads worldwide

Instagram has announced that it will now be adding ads to its short-form video platform, Reels. After trials in the UK, France, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the US, Instagram has confirmed a worldwide launch following successful campaigns from early adopters including BMW, Nespresso, Louis Vuitton, Netflix, and Uber. 

The launch of Instagram Reels ads follows news of TikTok’s climbing ad prices, with the platform hoping to provide a competitive alternative to brands looking to grow audiences, reach new customers and boost sales. 

Reels ads will be formatted similar to any standard Reels post and will be displayed through a full-screen format that allows viewers to loop, comment and save the 30-second video clips. 

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Google adds new listing options for business profiles

With the rise of e-commerce, Google has made several significant improvements to their Google Business profile service to enable businesses to provide a better user experience for customers.

Improvements include new services listings, booking options, and a simplified process for scanning in your product catalogue to help maximize discovery within Google’s Shopping tools.

Online shopping has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic, with Google reporting searches for “who has” + “in stock” growing by more than 8,000% year-on-year. 

By continually improving business listings, Google hopes to keep users coming to the search engine and maintain its position as a key destination for consumers shopping online. 

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Facebook announces new tool to improve moderation of content 

Facebook has announced it will be launching Admin Assist, which will ensure the moderation process within group chats is streamlined.

The new tool will enable admins to create unique criteria regarding posts they would like to be monitored within the group, such as removing posts including third-party links. Admin Assist allows Facebook to help moderate groups as they are currently supporting 70 million active admins and moderators.

Also included alongside Admin Assist is an updated overview dashboard that will help admins and moderators stay on track with their daily tasks.

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Twitter’s Spaces now allows hosts to download audio files

In Twitter’s attempt to claim dominance over Clubhouse in the audio social sphere, they are now enabling Hosts to download their audio data.

This will give Hosts greater control over their content, ultimately providing more value to creators as they can reuse content to target audiences who may have missed events. This could help Hosts gain longevity from their work and continually expand their audience reach. 

Currently, the process is not perfect, with Twitter taking up to 24 hours to send zip files, so some work still needs to be done to make it as efficient as possible. 

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YouTube banning alcohol, gambling, and politics from its ‘most prominent’ ad slots

YouTube has announced it will not be accepting ads relating to alcohol, gambling and politics, as they believe it will lead to a better experience for users.

The masthead slot is one of the first things YouTube users see when they open the website and recently came under scrutiny with advertisers calling for more transparency on its advertising process after President Donald Trump was able to reserve key election dates on the masthead during the 2020 election.

The move is also intended to give advertisers more budget flexibility, and ensure users are served more relevant content when they visit the website. 

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