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Talk Social: 22 September, 2020 – Media consumption in lockdown, Google unveil YouTube Shorts and more

Media consumption grows across all channels during the pandemic

Throughout the global pandemic, there has been a consistent trend on increased media consumption across all channels.

New data released by data and insights company Kantar has charted the evolution of consumer behaviour through this time. Their insights reveal that TV consumption has grown by nearly half (48 per cent), online videos grew 44 per cent and podcasts by 25 per cent. Newspapers and magazines also grew, albeit to a lesser extent, with increases of 14 and nine per cent respectively.  

While pressure has been on communications and PR teams to ensure brand messages are landing in light of a serious news agenda, there’s also never been such a great opportunity to engage audiences through earned media across the different channels.

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Celebrities boycott Instagram and Facebook over online hate

A group of high profile celebrities have frozen their Instagram and Facebook accounts as part of the Stop Hate For Profit campaign.

Celebrities with hundreds of millions of followers, including the actors Sacha Baron Cohen, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the model Naomi Campbell and the pop star Katy Perry, are among those who paused their activity to protest Facebook’s failure to address hate speech and misinformation on its platform.

The Stop Hate For Profit campaign previously persuaded more than 1,000 companies to temporarily stop advertising through Facebook, some for the month of July, others indefinitely.

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Facebook and Ray-Ban to launch Smart Glasses

Facebook has announced a partnership with Luxottica, the makers of Ray-Ban to launch their first pair of smart glasses next year.

This is unlikely to include groundbreaking technology – Snapchat, Google and Amazon already all have similar smart glasses available. What sets this announcement apart is the collaboration with a fashion brand and the emphasis on style.

Facebook has said these glasses won’t have an AR interface just yet but has teased a new prototype for this under the name Project Aria, which could mark one of the world’s first pairs of true AR glasses.

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US Government announces ban on new downloads of TikTok

New downloads of TikTok will be banned in the US from Sunday while the White House assesses the proposed takeover offer that would make Oracle the primary owner of the platform’s US operations.

This means people will no longer be able to download the app, but for those that have it already, TikTok will continue to operate as normal as negotiations continue. Facing this ban, TikTok saw its download figures surge with 247,000 new installs in 24 hours.

In response to the announcement, TikTok has vowed to fight the ‘unjust’ order in court. 

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YouTube rolls out its own competitor to TikTok

Google is the latest tech company to roll out its own short-form video creator platform YouTube Shorts in India. 

The platform mimics many of TikTok’s popular features, allowing users to create and post 15 seconds videos with in-built creative tools and encouraging them to add licenced music. The platform will be contained within YouTube itself, rather than exist as its own standalone app.

The development comes months after TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government. 

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