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Talk Social: 22 September, 2015

Is the brand website dead?

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In a move designed to ‘build stronger relationships with younger consumers’, food giant Nestlé has ditched its Nescafé.com website in favour of a Tumblr blog, the first major brand to do so.

Using the blog to post content will, according to the company’s marketing chief Michael Chrisment, ‘allow conversations’ and be ‘more inclusive’.

He also said that Nestlé believes having a dotcom site ‘is a reflection of us talking to people; this approach is dead’. Will others follow suit in that search to connect with the all-powerful young consumer?

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Facebook woos journalists with trending news platform

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Facebook is trying to sign up journalists to a new curation tool called Signal, in a bid to keep them off twitter as they search for the news each day.

Twitter’s dominance as the ‘go to’ source of breaking news has seen its use become as essential in regional and national newsrooms as a pen and paper.

However, Facebook is now challenging that with Signal, a free platform journalists can use to see what’s trending on both Facebook and Instagram.

Signal can be used to see what conversations are popular on Facebook and then monitor what ones are trending and being shared publicly. Signal ranks public figures who are being mentioned the most in real-time and there is also a search option that allows journalists to find past posts from both people and Pages.

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Most popular ad blocker removed from app store


With ad blocking a hot topic, due to Apple’s new ad blocking option on its iOS9 operating system, content producers who rely on the revenue from advertising will have been cheered by the removal of the Apple app store’s top ad blocking app.

The Peace app was pulled from sale after its creator had a crisis of conscience over his creation. Marco Arment said that it ‘didn’t feel good’ as arguments raged online over faster and less intrusive user experiences once advertising was blocked, versus the crucial revenue generator that these sites need in order to stay afloat.

It’s not going to go away any time soon and the balance will need to be found to allow content to flourish while not letting advertising run rampant.

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Now brands can say it with Hallmark art

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Brands seeking artwork for new pieces of online content will surely be flocking to the new stock image site set up by greetings card giant Hallmark.

The site, Gillham Studios, will feature Hallmark images and art from the 100 years of the company’s history. All images will be available royalty free, although designers and companies will have to sign up to the service before being given access.

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95% of Facebook video views happen in first week


Thinking of putting a branded video ‘out there’? New research has shown that if you’d like it to hang around longer than a week, it’s best not to put it on Facebook.

Videos uploaded to Facebook get 95 per cent of their views in the first week, according to video analytics platform Visible Measures.

The reason for this is that Facebook’s algorithm-powered news feed is optimised for fresh content. So for videos to continue to amass views long after posting, they need to be on YouTube where users search much more often.

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